Does Eve have an "over-fishing" problem?

I was recently watching a “Talking in Station” video " New black ops" and around minute 16 one of the guys mentioned the “lack juicy targets” to shoot at.

That begs the question, is that an “over-fishing” problem caused by hunters/gankers

In every ecosystem, there must be some equilibrium between predators and prays. If the predators hunt too much there won’t be any prey left. Normally a hunter just “hunt” enough to satisfy his needs and left the rest prey alone.

Same with fishing, That is why the breeding grounds and time of some species are protected like turtles or Salmons.

You need to give time to the species to recover after fishing or hunting

In every other game, you can PVP the whole day without major consequences. Other games like Albion you have something similar to breeding grounds , where you can farm “safely” after commit to a full lose (Red and Black) zone. And if you take a loss you can always return farm a little and back to the action, therefore providing and a steady stream of prays for the hunters.

But EvE is much diferent when you take a loss that is very hard to recover, A Hunter can kill an explorer, said explorer needs a lot of time to recover from the that lost (especially new ones), In Eve every loss is definitive.

Hunter and Gankers can kill the whole day but after that don’t won’t be any pray left. They will just get bored and kills the next in line, in theory, there is HS there should be the breeding ground but it isn’t you can get killed easily in HS. And with the scarcity, there will be very hard to replace the losses.


I thought this thread would be about all the asteroids being depleted/overfished.


I found the “fishing” analogy more fitted for this situation, because fishers finding smaller and fewer fishes is similar to the comment made the guy in the talking Im station podcast.


Sticking with the fishing analogy, the problem is too many people are using dynamite or huge trawling nets instead of a couple rods and reels.


Doesn’t look overfished to me…



Maybe the prey got smarter


Now they are multiplying.



Prince Aiko, what an unexpected surprise having a you in one of my post. I ignore if your experience ganking is different than the guy of the Talking in Station video

I suspect that the reason people outside Highsec have trouble finding targets is because all the targets are sitting in Highsec orcas. Easy AFK isk.

Some of these belts have 20-30 orcas in them.


HS is quite a big place. I can honestly assure you there are many many more miners then every ganker will ever gank in the history of this game. There’s many backwater places, many islands were people chill all day long.

There are ALOT of “fish” in HS. The “fish” will always out number the “fisher”

LS,Null is a different story in my view.

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Right, but why are they all in Highsec?

Highsec income needs a nerf.


I am honestly not qualified enough to answer why people are in HS. :slight_smile:

There are some nice dead LS areas. No one for hours it’s really sad…


In eve it makes absolutely no sense to be “they prey”. Other games are nuanced with balance and counter balance. Eve gave up that pretense a long time ago and soon those left playing the game will all continued to be puzzled about where everyone went.


I honestly thing this have something to do. From a game theory perspective , when the scale is too tilted to one side , the best move to win a game , is not to play at all


That’s how the dynamics shift. If it shifts away from less hunting people will change. They will find someone to shoot. If they don’t like it they simply don’t play. Cut and dry like that.

I travel all over the place and see both hunters and potential pray everywhere pretty much.
Maybe the people sitting forever at one gate waiting and waiting and waiting don’t, but if they moved around a bit more they would.


I think it’s an exaggeration to say a loss will inflict a lot of damage to a player. It can, if you spend real big on your ship or use ships that are more expensive than what you should be using on the basis of what you can afford.

One rule I’ve heard is called the rule of 5, and what it says is that if you can’t afford to buy 5 of it, you can’t afford to buy one of it. People taking heavy losses they can’t easily recover from are making bad financial decisions.

People don’t want to lose. They don’t want to take risks, and they grow up with people who are already defeatist. I had the problem of being able to make ships but not being able to find people willing to lose them. I don’t mind financing fun. I don’t mind throwing away ships. It gives me a reason to make some more.

I think people are too concerned these days with their ship stats and potential threats that they can’t just jump into some relatively inexpensive subcaps and go see what happens.

I don’t feel like Eve is all that dangerous. Not as dangerous as people tried to convince me of. I was able to have assets in lowsec and make a pretty decent living there (for a highsec pleb with not much aspiration, anyways). Even flew freighters (!) through the system without trouble to the highsec island on the other side.

You can do all kinds of stuff without being filthy rich. You will probably lose ships, though, trying to do anything worthwhile. Play smart and you won’t lose anything you couldn’t afford to throw away anyway.


A fish can’t choose to be anything but a fish, but we have more options available.

For a bit over a year now, there’s been a pretty fun war going on and with fights night after night during different times, players from large areas of null have had their mains/alts on pvp strat ops, which has reduced krabbing.

Combine that with the reduced rewards from scarcity and I don’t think it’s a case of over fishing, but more a case of the normal fish have been doing other things.

With the war just about over now, I suspect players will return to a more ‘normal’ mix of activities and the number of targets will gradually increase again.


Just about over? The battle of 1DQgrad hasn’t even started…


Any minute now. :slightly_smiling_face: