Does Mining have rules?

Hello I was mining yesterday and there where many miners in the area I was wondering how people feel when another player puts there Laser on the same rock as you I do know the NPC miners do it all the time and I was wondering if people find it a bad thing to do?

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Rule number 1 is don’t act like PvP scum.
So no don’t target someone elses rock.


How far CODE has lost its way.

Created to kill mining bots, now its no better than Jita scammers.


OP, ignore the previous clown answers.

There are no rules: EVE is a competitive PVP sandbox where if you want to get ahead you probably have to outdo, take advantage of or kill others.

You make your own rules and try to live by them and (where possible) try to convince, coerce or force others to respect and/or adjust to your rules. And others will in turn try to do the same to you.

So if some raging retard yells at you saying there’s rules that you should follow (which, conveniently, benefit him) you can decide to adjust (either because it doesn’t matter to you or because you like what they’re doing) or tell them to get fcked (because they annoy you or perhaps you want to force your will on them, or just because you don’t give a fck).

Welcome to EVE: where everyone is trying to make everyone else do their bidding.


100% agreed with @Mark_Marconi and @Rhys_Seico

Also need to add this: Those who say you have to pay ISK for mining rights in New Eden are full of sh*t. Also the same goes when joining a player corp.



If we look at the game mechanics, there are no rules. In a normal belt it might be considered rude to mine the same rock as someone else but many people do not care about it and it is up to you whether you care or not.
There are special belts at moons that are player created. There is always a refinery near by. If you mine there, then the owner of the belt can become really angry and shoot your ship. Even if you mine there while noone is around, the owener of the belt can see in his mining ledger that you where there and how many ore you have mined.

Most important: Never ever pay money for any kind of permit.


2 Rules:

  1. Move to Delve (if you want to get rich).
  2. Mine the Ochre first (if you want to stay alive).

What would be the difference in giving a owner some isk for mining some moon ore vs paying a corp a fee for such permit?

typically I follow some basic ‘rules’ (of my own) standard highsec ore belts, I don’t mine against another person (unless I know them to be a botting/afk/scripting sort)

If it is a moon belt in highsec, contact owner of said station for perms to mine and get any sort of ‘terms’ they might desire (obviously, you can ninja mine and not much they can do other than wardec ((if applicable)) or gank.) As a matter of courtesy, if you see any of the owning corp of such a moon belt, convo them. Might make a new friend.

In standard belts though, an at the keyboard player will likely be annoyed but an afk player won’t care. Conversation might help you decide which is which.


There are no rules besides game-mechanics. Bounderies are set… go!

When I mined most people would not target each others rocks out of courtesy. But that was a very long time ago tbh.
A few years back that seemed no longer important when Orca’s and entire fleets of Hulks warped into belts. A belonging to the same person.
Now I get weird when a person like that mines the single lowclass rock I’m funneling my oddness into.
He/she bothered me. I can bother people too you know? So I spend 2 hours bumping the Orca while in a Machariel. All the Hulks, neatly anchored, followed. Then I got bored again.
I dont know how mining works these days with npc’s etc.

E-bushido is fine if it helps you. It tends to go wrong if you pretend its something else. Like “a rule”.


To be clear - no-one ‘owns’ moon-rock. It’s considered courteous to pay something to whoever excavated it in the first place, but that’s all - it’s not something you’re required to do. In hi-sec the owner isn’t allowed to shoot at you just because it’s ‘his’ rock either, if he does Concord will be along shortly to remind him of that fact, so just run away until he’s dead - then go back and carry on mining.


I very much agree with you on changing ‘times’ in Eve. Courtesy is a thing long gone in a game full of automation.


Agreed 100%, exploration use to be like that too.


It feels like a Mining PVP.

I know, this happens when there are some good rocks nearby. If this happens one-two times, then it’s ok. But when the same guy doing it permamently, then it’s annoying and this proves the “toxicity” of the person.

Mining rules? I know some of them:

  • Ore is free;
  • Pay for a fleet buff;
  • Don’t get “baited”;
  • Mine with ALTs;
  • Go Greedy or go Safely (not both at a time);
  • Become a member of the sect “The Order of CODE” by donating there;
  • Mark your gankers;
  • DON’T dig with a “Venture” for a PLEX or a Cap (aka, come to 0.0 and get rich with your Venture).

You need a mining permit of course.


Rocks don’t belong to anyone until they are in your cargo.

You want to mine a rock someone else is already on? You go right a head mate. And bump them out of range whilst you do. This is how you get the best ore and make the most money.

Other peoples rules only apply if they can somehow enforce them…which they can’t (unless they are code).


oh hey i saw you and your alts get manhanded in that low sec going to that pocket in caldari space. such a shame as you missed on a 80 bot miner, a 10 orca afk miner and some other numerous bots

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Its generally frowned upon, but this is a video game. Who cares if anyones feelings get hurt.

On a side note. About the Permit stuff. Again, if you dont care about getting blown up, then dont buy a permit. And why should you care, its just a video game, the fun part is blowing others up and getting blown up yourself. Otherwise, if you do care, and you want to support a really, really good cause and a great content creating corp, then donate the 10 million isk for a permit. Its only 10 million isk, after all, and its good for a whole year.


Hey OP,

I’ve been thinking of starting a mining corp / cooperative which goes out in massive fleets to absolutely annihilate peoples moons for the tears. Thinking of setting up a stream. HMU with a mail.

Forgot to add: it’ll be called “Locusts”


Petty extortion rackets are never a good cause, and theyll still blow you up even if you pay cause the only thing CODE is after is salty chat logs that they can laugh at, or milk for more salt