Eveonline 2019 npc ventures use 5 lasers instead of 2 like the rest of us

why can the npc ones use 5 mining lasers and we can’t that is a rip off for alpha clones like me when we have to fight npc’s to mine

Shoot them and scare them off. Ezpz, welcome to EVE.

cant only an alpha and not much to my name

You can still shoot them.

but i would lose my ship and only way of making money

Then looks like you don’t deserve to be able to mine in that belt.

If you’re this much of a coward, go find another belt to mine in without NPCs.

Wow didn’t know the community was this toxic heheh no wonder this game is dyeing


Turns out kids these days don’t have the thick skin necessary to cut in EVE. :slight_smile:

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no I do it’s just people like you drive new players away from the game instead of twords it

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To be fair, if you’re too scared to shoot NPCs and lay claim to the belt on your own, you probs won’t cut it in EVE to begin with. In my 5 years, I’ve seen plenty of kids like you, the ones that end up sticking around have a warped and hilariously wrong view of the game overall.

What do you even want, kid? You want CCP to change the graphics so it doesn’t look like NPC Ventures are mining with 5 lasers? Would that make your fragile feelings better? You can chase them off by shooting them once and they’ll run away. Now you’ve got the whole belt for yourself. Either that, or move to another belt. You’ve got your solutions.

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Uhh from what I have see they comeback with a combat fleet id rather not lose my 100k sum ship when I only have 5k

Cool, warp off and come back in like 1 minute after their combat fleet is gone.

Now that wasn’t too hard, was it, dear?

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It’s easy for someone well established to say especially when you probably have a few billion

Most npc will run you down and even camp stations rather not get camped

It’s actually as easy for you too. You just pick another celestial and warp away to it. Wait a minute, then go back. You don’t need billions of isk to do that.

Then looks like you’re better off finding another belt. Again, you have your solution.

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tell me something are you one of those guys that sit in high sec and shoot alpha mining players cuz it makes you look big cuz it kinda sounds like it

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You sure you are not lurking behind an asteroid waiting for that unsuspecting alpha… Are you perhaps Swiper the fox


You can look at my zkb and see what kind of activity I’m mostly involved in. https://zkillboard.com/character/94346995/ You’ll notice I have almost no highsec miner kills. But you’re free to continue being scared.

Swiper no swiping