Does OMEGA apply to the character who has it, or the WHOLE account?

Im very curious as I’ve only been creating alts that are all alpha and I have an omega main. I’ve been wondering about this and finally have the guts to ask. In my account management, it talks about my “account” expiring, not a specific character, which is why I ask this question.

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so basically, all characters I make and have on that account, are omega?

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Characters with an active training queue will train at normal (now called double) speed.

That’s the 1 per account and any that you have multi-character training active for.

As the account is Omega, any of the characters on that account can use all of their skills.

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yep, but only one skill queue per account unless you purchase extra.

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If only the help channel was good enough for this miner to seek actual help.

ISDs , why do you fail non stop in the help channel?

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