Does Training Queue transfer with Character?

I have an alt who’s currently training via an MTC. When that expires I intend to make him a brand new Omega account of his own, in that character’s name, and transfer the character to it. Am I correct in assuming that his Inventory and Isk will transfer with him ? What about his skill-training queue ? Does that transfer as-is, or do I have to re-enter it from scratch ? And what about the skill that’s actually being trained at the time of the transfer ?

Yes. Though, I would recommend that you make any ISK and asset transfers BEFORE transferring a character.

You know… just in case.

Unsure… but I would put money on the skill queue to be wiped.

Unsure… but I would guess the same thing as with the rest of the queue; it will be cleared.


I am uncertain if it still worked this way, but my recollection is that character transfers are a manual process… as in, a GM has to manually change which account a character is attributed to.


Honestly… without asking a GM directly (through a support ticket) this is one of those situations where you should probably prepare for a lot of inconvenience and hope that everything works out smoothly.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I got an answer to my ticket. The Inventory and Isk should transfer OK, and I have to pause Skill-training before the transfer and resume it after. I’ll report back as to whether it all went according to plan after the event.

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