Doing 4 hardest missions in EVE at the same time

How do you define the hardest mission? Is it the one which requires expensive ships, is it the one which requires lots of skill points? Is it the one that requires actual piloting skills? Or is it something much more mundane, but much harder to achieve?

I would argue that the hardest ones are the ones that most players won’t be able to do. There is a set of 4 missions that require 9.9 faction standings to their respective empires to start. Due to the nature of the standings, once you pass a certain threshold, getting one empire up without getting others down is starting to become problematic.

So after 8 years of working on the standings, there is finally a player able to do all 4 of these cosmos missions at the same time. All 4 empires are at 9.9 standings. A minmatar player who ventured out to become the exemplary minmatar citizen in the eyes of every other empire is finally able to pull this feat…

Here is a recording of their round trip around the galaxy in order to accept all the missions before turning them in. This has to be done because completing each of these missions will affect standings and at the end, the player will have less standings than he did before starting. So the plan is to accept all 4 missions while being above 9.9 and then turn them in one by one on the way back.

At the end of the video you can see and compare all the standings after the missions, about 0.4 to 0.2 standings loss incurs. As mentioned before, this is to be expected since percentage wise the standings hits hurt way more than the standings increase work at high enough levels.

So, CCP, what is next? Does our hero get a capital licence for high security space since all empires like him so much? Does he get a statue erected in his honour? Or does he just have to live with bragging rights?


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Here ya go champ! Why dont you print this out for yourself. You’ve earned it.

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Very nicely done, definitely bragging rights for sure…

Course don’t forget to mention those who helped get you there… :wink:

Anyway, good job on the standings, since you’ve already completed all High and Low Sec Cosmos Agents, all that’s left is the Empire Null Sec Cosmos Agents…

Of course lastly would be the Pirate Cosmos Agents…

Ofc, biggest thanks for my masochistic behavior goes to you and The Plan :smiley:

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Gonna need png with transparent background, ran out of white ink in the printer :smiley:

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