Is it possible to rank all Agents in Eve to 10?

I was just curious… is it possible to rank all Agents in EVE to level 10? If so, any time estimations on how long / how many years that would take?


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All CODE. agents rank a solid 10. But I guess you are talking about something as boring as getting +10 standings with NPC agents.

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Hey thanks for responding!

Yes, I am speaking of the incredible dull process of getting +10 standings with all NPC agents…

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… and which is completely pointless.

I unfortunately disagree with you. Should my main motivation to play EVE is to achieve this over how ever many months / years it takes I will be consuming a wide range of ships, ammo, fittings etc. These consumptions provide ISK and motivations to the people selling the items, the people producing them, so on and so forth.

While I do appreciate that you may have a different opinion on this than I, do you think it would be possible to answer the question at hand vs. the comment you provided? Thanks!


As far as I know you don’t loose standing with individual agents when you run missions for competing factions, so in theory it can be done. Select an agent of each level (1 to 5) and of each type (security distribution and mining), time how long it takes you to raise it to 10 and multiply it by the number of agents available.

And of course there are other types of agents as well: storyline (where you need to run 16 missions with other agents before you can run one with them), epic arc (once every 6 months) and COSMOS agents (one time only - which would be a deal breaker). And I’m not sure every locator agent also offers normal mission services.

Of course, you can do what you want. You can also buy ships and self-destruct them on Jita 4-4 undock to help with the EvE economy. :wink:

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Hey NotTheSmartestCookie,

Do the COSMOS agents simply stop offering any and all other types of missions after a succesful COSMOS mission completion which is why you said it would be a deal breaker?

If so, than maybe I should reword my question/goal to obtaining “Max available ranking with all agents” vs. a strict lvl 10 requirement…

If you mean something else, could you elaborate further? I checked UniWiki real quick to see if I could get my answer there first before asking you to elaborate but it did not provide guidance that issue.

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I’ve seen some links from people that have build the castle you’re looking for. They displayed an entire row of maxed out standings. I do not remember if that included ALL agents, but you could find out?
So I think the answer is yes.

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Lol, after being absent from EVE for 6+ years and running a site solo the other day, I essentially did something close to that since I had no clue what I was doing anymore. Chalk it up to a, errr, a few learning experiences :slight_smile:

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Not sure on the COSMOS agents; you can try it for yourself. In any case, getting to -10 sec status is much more fun (if you don’t cheese it by ECM bursting on the Jita 4-4 undock).

Yeah, looks like I’ll have to feel it out.

Heh… thinking about getting achieving max positive ranking with anyone and then reversing course and getting -10 everywhere I possibly can. I think that would likely make earn me EVE’s most bi-polar player award lol!


There’s probably 1000’s of regular mission Agents in the game ranging from level 1 to level 5. Definitely take years to do that. There’s 100’s of special ‘Event Agents’ like Career, Data Center and Cosmos Agents that can only be completed once in the life of the character so there’s no way to get +10 standing with them. All the Epic Arc, Research and Storyline Agents could be considered special too, those can be taken up to +10 standing but it would take years just to get them up to +10 standing as well…

I think a more realistic goal would be to work on getting +10 standing with all the various Corporations. That will also take years to complete.

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It’s about the journey more than the completion I would imagine. As soon as our goals are complete we feel lost and in need to find another one. Possible in principle is enough motivation to endeavour on most things, even if the chance of getting there is known to be slim. The only time it becomes pointless to try is when there is no chance at all of succeeding.


Its possible, but require not doing any combat missions that involves faction combat, as these will add a negative standing to another faction (its npc corps and agents by means of the negative faction standing adjustment) and not doing faction missions for the same reason.

So yes possible, but after a while you get trigger happy and want to do the combat missions against other factions.

In a corp its easier as you can have groups of players focus in specific faction standing gains, and they all add to the corps standing with npc agents and npc corps. If you have a higher standing with agent that over rules the corps for you and only you. But if you have a lower standing the corp will provide a high one for you.


Wow, thanks for this and the insight! I will definitely give some thought to starting with the corp first maybe and then should years from now I have completed it, have not given up on this, or EVE hasn’t collapsed in on itself then I suppose I could look into the others.

Starting off simply with every single regular mission agent does seem quite daunting now lol.

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Yeah, just remember that getting up to higher level agents requires high Corp standings, Faction isn’t much to worry about as long as it doesn’t drop to -2.00 standing.

Hey Caitlynn,

Very well stated! This is exactly how I feel to be honest… just getting back into EVE, I’m not really sure if I want to go out and join up with a corp and give a commitment that I’ll be around for a long time… only to decide a month later I really don’t to play and I was just really bored… which would be unfair to them and a complete waste of their time as I would be asking them a bajillion questions and have them help train me back up with basic / moderate and advanced skills/tactics within EVE.

Soooo… If I don’t join a corp, and don’t really have any Solo Play purpose besides randomly roaming around and just dunh dunh dunh, just being in EVE for the sake of being in it, then I almost undoubtedly believe that I will give up on it within a weeks time.

This is where the idea for maxing all agents (or with what DeMichael said, maybe just all corp agents). It gives me some sort of purpose until I can figure out if I really want to get back into things or not.

I really liked your response :slight_smile: I hope you have a great evening!

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Hey Dewk,

Thanks for all this information! I will definitely keep these things in mind when deciding how to proceed forward. I’m glad you were able to explain that it is possible, however, I would just need to avoid the faction stuff as I was unsure of that.

Cheers, and thanks again for responding!

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Heh, new to the boards (used to the ones from 2013 lol. Just got a tip that I shouldn’t respond individually but as a group with Quotes in from peeps I’m responding to. )

When you say high Corp standings are you referring to a corp that I am in, or to the Corp of which the agent is in?

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