Domia Blothern [Serin], Nullsec Sov, Small, Medium & Large Scale Pvp


(Durza Shruikan) #1

We are members of The Serenity Initiative Alliance in the Immensea Region.

Our Alliance is part of the Phoenix Federation Coalition.

What we offer:

  • Small Alliance Home Defense Fleets
  • Med/Large Coalition Battles
  • SRP For Doctrine Ships
  • Upgraded Systems for Ratting & Mining
  • Loot Buyback Programme for Ratting
  • Friendly Community
  • Alliance Mumble - Plenty Online 24/7
  • Alliance/Coalition Jump Service to Jita

We are a relaxed corp that runs a real life comes first policy.

What we require:

  • Willingness to join Alliance/Coalition Strat Ops & CTAs
  • Willingness to Train Doctrine Ships
  • Full API
  • Omega Account
  • 1,500,000 Skill Points Min
  • Be Self-Sufficient
  • Mumble

(Durza Shruikan) #2

Still Recruiting!

(Durza Shruikan) #3

Need more members for med/large pvp fleets!

(Durza Shruikan) #4

Plenty of ratting sites to clear!