Don't close the game when there is a disconnect

When the game disconnects it forces you to quit. No other option, must quit game. The problem is often a disconnect is not really because you lost internet, it might have just been a spike in packet loss or something, but you can open the game and log right back in. On a slow computer this means having to wait for the game to open again, which even if it does not take too long, it can be an age when you are getting shot at, or trying to do something in the abyss etc. The game already has a “reconnect” window, you get it if you try opening the game during down time. It would be nice if a loss of internet put you back to that, rather than forcing a total close of game.


I agree.

Finally a good ■■■■■■■ idea.

Well the general problem with many ideas is they affect game balance and favour one play style over another. Which almost always results is someone hating it.

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