How to fix "Connection to the server was lost."

If you are suffering from frequent disconnects, then here is the fix for you:

  1. Verify the integrity of your game files.
  2. Add permissions to the cached folder.
  3. Change your internet channel or use an Ethernet cable.

If everything else fails, here is what I do:

Connect to Wi-Fi on your phone and create a hotspot. Then, connect your PC to the hotspot you created on your phone. (This works best with a mobile data plan as it allows you to continue playing if your internet connection is spotty.)

*As we all know, this is not a permanent fix, but for the meantime, it is the only option some players have until Eve Online addresses their very strict connection rules.

Well, i am being disconected of the chat and local every 5 minutes so am I not the only one?

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