This sounds like a story, like the time that they scammed someone over selling the alliance, though why someone would want to buy the CODE alliance is beyond me. :stuck_out_tongue:


PS Some salty muppet is rage flagging my comments, while he is doing this I will break up my posts into multiple posts because it makes him have to work harder and will result in him getting his wrist slapped faster by the ISD :stuck_out_tongue:

As for freighter ganking numbers going down, they got bored over this terrible freighter farming content at last, marginally more interesting then watching paint dry…

And Australian excellence is an Australian so it can’t be the weather, it is damn cold down there…

Yeah move it to C&P

Or you know, said gankers really are null alts and are busy in null. But it couldn’t possibly be that because CODE said they aren’t…

If they are NCDOT. alts they would be a lot more active. On reflection all those moving ops must be tiring…

Actually Racknar is busy being logged in Niarja, he just does not do much, most of the time so boredom finally hitting home I guess.

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Yeah, I don’t disagree. Could be, hence:

The war can account for some of it I think

That could be part of it, but it also looks like there are other reasons. I don’t know why this war would suddenly impact them when previous ones didn’t, so it seems like it also involves other players that have other things going on, I don’t know. But certainly, if you have evidence that it is all the former, please post it.

Did they? Cool I guess. Unless there’s evidence, it could be a number of reasons that ganking is down.

CODE gameplay is totaly LEGIT. Its.not against EVE online terms. Thats the game they like to play and you cant stop them. You are free to do as u please rather pay them or not, each action has consequences.
Im glad someone makes eve more thrilling and more aware to play even in HS.
And NO. Im not a CODE alt.

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This was your fault.

Everyone and their mother knows, without a valid mining permit any and all dealings are subject to review and renegotiation.

Next time, buy a permit and follow the code.

Also, I see that English might not be your first language. Perhaps you misunderstood the terms of the deal? Next time, I will be happy to facilitate your deal and translate it for you, for a small fee of course. I am fluent in all languages at a babelfish-level expertise.

Alt of a code knight and most honorable nice guy,

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Speaking of Aussies, I always thought ‘CCP Dropbear’ was one of the better devnames.

Yes, I know the favourite amongst CODE is ‘ccp mintchip’, but no accounting for taste and all. :slight_smile:

As for dealing with CODE: caveat emptor OP

Agent Khanid, if you explain your grievance in detail, capturing your state of mind and use words that get turned into blocks by the ■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■ ■■■■■ sanitation filter, your story could find a place of honor on the CODE site. Your current report is lacking in some respects; they need feedback of this type to inspire their fellow CODE warriors and “improve” future salt collection efforts.

CODE salt farm confirmed lol

I bet op tried to scam a New Order Agent but failed and is now bitter about it.

CODE :heart:

“Search new Eden” -> CODE. -> Select CODE. in alliance section -> Add contact -> Negative/very negative standing.

Problem solved.


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