dont made any deal with the gnaker highsec CODE

they have no honor, they dont respect their word and also i suspect them to try to get your adress irl by invit you on their TS

dont deal with them, you re warned !!!


why so salty ?

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most likely CODE done their normal backstab or not deliver on their end of the deal after receiving what they arranged.

one reason to always use contracts. though that won’t help if you’re doing a courier contract for them and they gank you for their own loot. yes known to happen, saddly.

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Code alt thread time. Play the game guys. You already lost the forum war.

Nobody cares about you and your irrelevant game style.


CODE. is CODE. They have never done anything but what they do, so anyone should know what to expect, they are stinker dinkers :crazy_face:

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The permit only works if you’re not afk.

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What did you expect would happen when you try to deal with a bunch of players acting like a mix of inner city gangs and cultists?



reading the code could have told you that, it has more holes than swiss cheese

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If salt tasted like sugar, this thread would be one of the sweetest.


Right now, it’s pretty bland… Drifter threads are way sweeter…

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And trigs have dealt with CODE to a certain extend. Uedama is a wasteland due to the invasion there, and Trigs have started to gank freighters instead.

It was dead before then.

Not a single Freighter ganked there in the last 2 weeks and only 7 all of June.

Which is interesting because nothing has changed really. Although Uedama has been camped for a while by Trigs, Niarja is pretty dead as well and the JF ganks in Iyen-Oursta or Jita have also largely vanished. The boring war in the northern null sec can’t possibly be the reason for this.

OP, how many billions you spent on mining permits? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The war can account for some of it I think, but it looks like one or two gankers that run alt fleets might also be on a break. Ganking is down in numbers.

Those are some serious allegations. In time past, I would suggest you take your dispute to the court of public opinion in the Crime and Punishment section to make your case. There, the regular C&Pers would vet the facts and make a determination of who was in the wrong. I’m just not sure there are many left.

Maybe you still should though. As it is, it is hard for me to consider your statements as anything other than vague slander. The CODE. alliance has a what, seven year, record of operating in keeping with their founding document,The New Halaima Code of Conduct. On the surface, I find it very hard to believe someone from CODE. would break that record of integrity just to scam a rando player like you.

Probably there is just some misunderstanding or something about the terms of the deal. Generally, it’s best practice to try to work out these issues with the other party before taking things public, or you might have to walk things back in an embarrassing fashion as a certain real-world corporation we all know had to earlier this year.

Sorry to say, but these contract disputes just don’t belong in General Discussion.


It can account for some but since there were not real fights and mostly uncontested structure bashes as far as I am aware, I cannot imagine that this used their alt forces to capacity. As for the alt fleets: Could it be that the nice summer weather is taking its toll and people actually go outside more? :smiley:

Calm down miner.

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Sounds like a threat.

I feel bullied