Don't join Application:Unprocessed

We don’t offer anything. We’re broke as pie crust. Our CEO started the company on a whim, then immediately up and left to join Superior NPC Corp, transferring full control to me. That might be interesting ordinarily, but the CEO is my alter-ego, so this whole thing seems a bit schizophrenic if you ask me.

Check out to see the sad excuse of a website we spun up

Our Discord is pretty much empty

We don’t even know anyone in real life that plays this game!

While real life comes first, we (generally) play from 00:00 to 04:00 UTC ( 7PM to 11PM US Eastern)

So, if you want to jump right into a cruiser and join a war, DON’T JOIN APPLICATION:UNPROCESSED

We’re looking for more of a slow burn… The Expanse was multiple seasons for a reason

Our goal is simple: make a home in nullsec, from scratch. Fools errand? Maybe, can’t know until we try right?

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