Dont Know How to Start the New Content

I saw the new content for the Triglavian Invasion Chapter 2 has been released. I can not figure out how to start the new content. I have no idea what to do to begin it. I tried looking through all the in-game resources I could think of like The Agency, but I still can’t find anything useful. I searched the forums for information and read the patch notes. I still can’t figure it out.

I’m eager to get started on it but I can’t figure out how.

Can someone please help me and point me in the right direction to begin this new content?

try this

use agency to find invasions and use invasion chat to find a group

Edit: I have no idea how to do the new observation flashpoint thing, not sure if that’s what you were asking

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I think that’s what he’s asking about. Invasions are easy to locate.

I’m not talking about the finding invasion systems. i’m referring to the Invasion Chapter 2.

i can’t find anything in-game referring to it or how to even get started.

this is from the article on the eve online main page:

With Invasion Chapter 2 comes the introduction of a new Triglavian combat experience, one where you will have to choose between siding with the Empires or the Triglavian Collective in engagements, allowing for two paths through the encounters!

how do you even start that??? that’s what i can figure out. how do you start this?


is Marketing bullshine.

There is a new site that spawns in the foothold systems in the Invasion area’s (something something Flashpoint). This site needs a fleet to be completed (10-15 pilots) there are two paths/gates through this site, one for Trigs, one for the local Empire.

All that “picking a side” does is decide which loot you get. There are no other consequences at all.

  • No Factional standing changes
  • No Sec Status changes
  • No effect on the influence of the Invasion (OK I might be guessing at this)
  • No PvP flagging

That’s very very disappointing, but thank you for the information.

How did you figure it out? Was there any in game resources that pointed you to it? Was it posted on the eve official website?

I’m trying to figure out what i missed.

I’m in a group that runs the Major Conduits and World Arc sites, we just went for a look see at the new site.

Figured it out by doing it. ( The Eve mantra :smiley:)

Is there any “something something” combination that would allow it to be done solo?

Sure, loot ninja’s are always solo. :wink:

If you are talking about actually running the sites then I seriously doubt it. The briefing says 10-15 pilots, there is a npc dreadnought to kill that has a supporting npc fleet complete with logi, tackle and ewar.

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