Invasion Chapter 2: Stay or Betray

So the “Invasion Chapter 2” expansion is just about to be released and to tease us, CCP sent a mail to us. I fount the most interesting and exciting part to be the Stay or Betray bit. To quote CCP:

Fight the Triglavian threat or betray the Empires of New Eden as you choose your path through a new combat experience! Fresh for Invasion Chapter 2, this multi-stage encounter with the Triglavian Collective at Stellar Observatory Flashpoint sites in New Eden gives you two routes through the engagements.”

This is the first time CCP gives us the chance to turn the tables on the empires and I mean all the empires, not faction wars. Allow me to think a little bit and try to take this forward. This could be a good chance for CCP to lay the groundwork for a future big expansion of the New Eden cluster. Players that “betray” now, may build-up standings with the triglavian faction and in the future, CCP could add new systems to the server. But there’s a catch: these systems are not high-sec, nor low-sec, nor null-sec, nor wormholes. They are triglavian space. And in triglavian space there is a similar police force to CONCORD, only it protects (avenges) capsulers that have proven their flow to the triglavians. So that would be a fifth security state, similar to high-sec, but at the same time distinct. And on top of this game mechanic, CCP may add heaps of interesting lore to make it even more interesting.

What do you guys think?

Adrian Vexier,
“Stay safe and fly dangerous!”


Let’s hope that you lose docking rights in NPC stations if you choose to betray the empires in these sites.


Your post is missing a link, because I have no context and shouldn’t be expected to look it up just because you’re assuming everyone’s aware of what’s going on. I think that’s fair, considering you’re starting a thread talking about something.

Also … I still believe that they will become a playable race at some point.


Already suggested in other threads that Triglavian space become a startable region for players, where they start as Trigs, get some new Trig-space challenges, and are automatically at war with all the empires.

I think we may have already pointed out that if that works, then it would also be possible/interesting to have people start in ‘pirate’ space, with Pirate faction standing, and again be auto at war with all Empires.

In either case, it would be interesting if Trigs/Pirates were KoS to everyone and all faction police, but would not be Concorded for attacking players.


More not needed pve.


I don’t think you want to get faction police involved. The faction police are very un-fun. Nobody minds when they blow up highsec gankers (obviously), but they are seriously a drag.

Yes, the link you provided is welcome, thank you for the addition.

Certainly, any idea presented is just a seed. Considerable details need to be worked out for the fine tuning.

Personally I would go with something like a spoofing module that causes a pirate/Trig faction ship to be ignored by Faction police, or give them an extra 20 seconds after warping before being detected, or uses quite a bit of cap to run or something. That way it’s a player choice / fitting tradeoff how to proceed in Empire space.

If it is possible to set it up so they are balanced and not too exploitable without involving faction police, sure. Although lore wise it seems odd that the navies would let Trigs and pirates run around and ignore them.

You may be thinking of the faction navies. Those are actually completely different from the faction police (confusing, I know). Fighting the faction navies is more practical than the totally overpowered faction police that don’t even give you enough time to align between gates before they start webbing and shooting you.

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Apologies, yes, I did mean faction navies. Not enough to slaughter you, but enough to make life interesting.

That’s not true.
You can survive with a Rokh in a 0.8 just fine.
They even web it into warp when you bounce between your tacticals!
You can also zoom around in a frigate at 4kmsec, easily avoiding them.

Had quite a few high-speed frigate fights in Hek, just for fun, with the facpo on my ass.

As -10 they also teach you to stay on your toes …
… and they increase your sense of time dramatically!

I like them. They should just ■■■■ off when someone points me,
but otherwise I really prefer having them around.

They’re not half as bad as people make them,
but they absolutely did ruin lowsec for me.


Doesn’t say or hint at what happens with high faction standings if you go down the Trig path.

Wonder if it’ll be like Amarr/Cald vs Gall/Minm standing gains?

We’ve seen the three Trig Corps listed, but no agents or stations listed yet. Guess these will be made active on the 26th.

Also is CCP hinting at an Trig Epic Arc mission?

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obligatory comics:

like honestly - who will pick factions over triglavians? alphas, because they cannot fly triglavian ships?


If You turn on empires, you should automatically be attacked by CONCORD, no?

If they destroy you for shooting some measly capsuleer, imagine what the betrayal of all empires mean. Outlawed and treated like trash, no markets available, all npc stations refuse docking, your possesions inside confiscated. Maybe…

Looks severe enough, and actual consequences. But for wat? For triglavians to treat you like one of them, that means spending whole life in a ship, undocked, in some abyssal pocket, tending to Navka Drones? :thinking:


It’s going to be some incredibly bad half measure, there is no way this team dealt at that level of detail.

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To even consider briefly that betraying the Empress is an option is heresy most foul.


not so sure how CCP plan to do it!

might be like Faction standings and effects or Concord vs Private standings.

A new dread, more PvE stuff and some bookmark changes… Meh.

I’ll get hyped if they start fixing old systems with the same eagerness as they push trig content or release something exciting for frigate pilots.

There are better games for treadmill content.

Exactly, they should cater to their niche, not try to be something they are not.

I would…


(Caldari RP-ing ftw)

That being said “I would” If if ever bothered to run those new thingies and I highly doubt they will make then soloable by kind of ships I am enjoying the most recently, and I don’t feel like looking for more friends with which I’d have game-time syncing issues prohibiting heavily ability to enjoy content.

so I highly doubt I’ll ever run those sites in the first place.

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