Don't toy with our intelligence

Continuing the discussion from Tranquility server problems compensation for omega accounts:

Cloud or not the chat server is a core mechanic of the game/service that CCP sell to us so it must have the same uptime as the game server itself… there are no excuses for this kind of unreliability.

I don’t know about your computer network knowledge but I can tell you that the internet is completely dynamic and routes changes all the time, if the client connection to the server depends that much on stability that a couple of lost packets can disconnect a session, well there is some serious design flaws on its protocols.

And the strange thing is that the amount of dropped packets is inconsistent AF. I have noticed for example that sometimes my windows clients will lost connection and my mac will stay strong, sometimes surviving even a VDSL Desync, I don’t know if it is due the WINE emulation or apple’s network stack but still, very strange.

The thing is EVE is the most unreliable online game that I ever played and thats include playing online games on a Dreamcast in 1999 with a 56Kbps Modem or even Warcraft II modem to modem direct connections.

I’m not asking for any kind compensation but PLEASE don’t offend our intelligence…

Considering that eve is literally a quilt of patches and such, with a legacy code and run on these nodes, it actually isn’t bad…

Please don’t reopen closed threads. Thanks!

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