Socket closed 3 times every every days. 2018

i did everthing.

50/50 simetric optic fiber.

1-Only happend with EVE , repeat only happend with EVE (compared with other games done)
2-i have wired connection -done (i hate wifi to play games)
3- i did every test they send me -done
4-i send like 3 tickets …-done
5-chache clear - done
6-reinstall game - done
7-try another Pc - done
8.- Pay may account with money - done
9-enjoy game - FAIL

waiting for skills a lot of months , now i have skills but “socket closed”.

I want to play EVE but i cant play EVE.

This is the only game i want to play atm… .


what i think ?? their DDOS protection its kicking legal players , when some packet lost …
their protection software kick normal players…

Good Bye


It’s happened to me 3 times in the past week… all while ratting in a carrier. But it’s amazing how Eve is the ONLY online game that does this to me. Hrrrmmmmmmmm… clearly it’s my fault as CCP points out.

yes mate…

The problem of socket closed are the cost of the ships… they arent free… they cost ISK…

It is there new money maker they cant keep a socket open so you go to the Abyssal socket closes and you have to start over. Welcome to the Abyssal

Goodbye. Send me your stuff. Surely you could do it before your socket closes.

Also, maybe your ISP doesnt like EVE. Maybe they invested in Star Citizen or something.

Have you tried changing ISPs? Moving to another country, maybe? What about flying over to CCP headquarters and playing inside their lobby?


Sending multiple tickets does not help your case, it only serves to increase the work load for the people handling tickets which increase the time it takes to get a reply, not only for you but also for everybody else.

Have you tried to run the “TraceRoute” program? it could possibly help you identify where the issue may be, if it is as common to you as you make it out to be, my best bet would be your ISP being the cause.

If the DDoS Protection were the cause you would, most likely, not even be able to connect to EVE. Given the fact that you can connect to EVE, the cause will with 99% certainty be somewhere else, as mention above, your ISP could just as well be the problem, or at least be somewhere within their system(s).

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I run EVE on Linux using my own version of WINE together with a mix of other software. My clients run 23/7, sitting idle and minimized at night, because I cannot be bothered with logging out. If there was a problem with the connection on CCP’s side then I would have seen it, and I cannot remember having had a single “Socket closed” event in months. The DDoS attacks I’ve noticed, but they also got handled pretty quick.

@Kani_Kanenald Some questions for you:

  • Did you try to get a new IP address?
  • Have you tried using a VPN or are you already using a VPN?
  • Did you disable update sharing in Windows?
  • Do run any other software in the background like file downloads?
  • Do you use any personnel firewalls or extensive anti-virus software that may interfere with your connection?
  • Are you sharing your Internet connection with others in the house, or just other devices such as mobile phones?
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With all respect is that the only point you can pick up on. The socket closure issue is one that is happening to many people, me included. I am sure we are not all using the same ISP. And another common theme is that the problem only occurs in EvE, no other games so the likelihood of a connection with EvE is quite high surely.

It seems to me that CCP are aware of the issue, maybe not the cause but deflect the blame off to other parties, and the fact that out of his 8 points you could only pick up on the fact he logged multiple tickets and shouldn’t of is to me a clear indication of that.

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The glorified moderator is neither a dev nor a technician, he’s safe to ignore.

As for socket closed errors, I run in a public fleet every day. Every day, we constantly have to reinvite players due to socket closed errors. I myself have had socket closed errors. All of us have different ISP’s and represent countries all over the map. And it is only EvE that has this problem, unless we’re all lying to each other about being able to play every other damn game just fine. And we’ve also noticed these socket closed errors began long before the ddos bs. While socket errors themselves have been around pretty much forever and a small nuisance you might experience once in a blue moon, this ■■■■ started becoming a regular problem when they went to AWS for chat and login servers.

Fix your ■■■■, CCraP.

I’ve been getting socket closure due to idle TCP being dropped for years (usually when I’m docked in station other than Jita since there’s no network traffic to the EVE server unless someone else docks/undocks and the docked pilots tab gets updated). This is allegedly because of my router (and maybe it is - although my router does not have any option to change idle TCP timeout), but… The fact remains that this is an EVE specific problem. They don’t use TCP keepalive or any other sort of network heartbeat to prevent TCP idle timeouts.

The thing is, when the chat channels were part of the EVE server, this was easily mitigated by jumping into Help channel or some other high traffic channel. However, now that the chat servers are seperate with different network addresses, this no longer works.

I sure as hell am not going to buy a new router on the off chance that it is the router, just for 1 game that causes this issue. Once my yearly sub expires, that’s me done with EVE. RIP.

I’m not, nor have I ever been, a glorified moderator!
It’s true that I’m neither a dev nor technician for EVE, but that does not make what I say any more wrong.

Any online game you play will experience Packet Loss to some degree, for most games it will not have much of any affect, maybe minor lags, FPS drops or what have you, that all depends on how the games networking is programmed. Most online game, when they reach their packet loss threshold, drop the connection and then attempts to reconnect to the game (for x amount of time) before dropping you completely, this is where I assume EVE is somewhat different, I think EVE is just programmed to drop the connection completely when it reached it’s packet loss threshold. EVE does not attempt to reconnect.

With all the threads on the topic of “Socket Closed” issues, most seem too quick to assume that the fault lies with CCP’s servers, I’m not saying it could not be the case, but there are so many other things that could just as likely be the cause, on top of my head this could be :

  • ISP.
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) - This will more often that not affect large number of people and will render specific services (domains) unavailable, in a specific region.
  • WiFi - Can be vulnerable to outside electromagnetic interference such as telecommunication (mobile) or radio signals or other WiFi signals.
  • Programs running in background using too much of bandwidth.
  • Router
  • Server
  • Service Provider(s) - Amazon in EVE’s case
  • Using very old Hardward - Not very likely but still plausible

Or maybe ccp can just re-allocate time/money/resources/hours to just re-writing and programming this “design choice” to be more in line with the industry so ccp’s game doesn’t crash all of the time while other games manage to function

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Yeah, you really are. I’m sorry if noone made that clear before.

At any rate, the commonality between those suffering the socket closed errors is that none of them is losing connections to any other game or service at the same time, only EvE. Router problems would result in more than just EvE droppng. WIFI problems would result in more than EvE dropping. ISP problems would result in more than just EvE dropping, and would not effect people on other ISPs. Thusly, all indicators are that it is in fact a CCP problem. And if it’s an AWS problem, that still makes it a CCP problem, as CCP is Amazon’s client, not us.

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( ENGLISH its not my mother language, sorry )


I was speaking with CCP and my ISP

It wasnt never a isp problem because i have more games, youtube, skype… 0 problems.

It wasnt a CCP OR ISP problem , it was a problem in the middle of the route . There are some new
internet nodes in my country , its possible those nodes are failing.

The disavantage of EVE online compared with other games , its only have one IP server, its weak for
DDOS attack and other things…

I did the diagnostic by myself , there was some hour that i have more socket closed , for example at
16:00 19:00 hour , always had a socket closed when there are more people connected to internet arund the world.

I think the problem of saturated nodes wil going worst becasue our super fast internet connections and the big traffic , netflix 4k, youtube 4k,facebook… this protocol will solve this problem … check it if you have curiosity.

I called my ISP , they are redirecting my packets using other internal DNS SERVER, after 3 days 0 socket closed (i am happy).

There are some “public” nodes around Europe that are saturated cause we have at our homes very high speed
internet connections that are causing problems around main world internet nodes.

Thx to CCP to speak with my in tickets and try to help .
Thx to other players that try to help too.

I suggested CCP to buy a VPN for players that have my same problem , because there are nodes around the world that have saturation problem. When they have a lot of sockets closed they can give them this VPN acces .

Sorry for my english , its not my mother language, thx to all for help .

Fly safe.


99% of the time people get Socket Closed crashes, THIS IS THE REASON. Not CCP’s fault. People forget they arent connected to eve and everything else on the internet by a single cable. EVE could be fine, everything else not working, or the other way around. It just depends on which nodes your usage is sent through. People also forget that if it really was CCP’s fault/problem, everyone would be having the issue.

We do have some ongoing issues at the moment. Nothing major, but it is visible in the online player numbers.

  • 00:25 midnight
  • 11:45 noon
  • 20:00 evening

The drop in numbers at 20:00 is very small and likely the result of the node death.

You are completely right! A DDoS not always means a result of a hacker deeds. It happens because of overloaded internet channels mostly nowadays. You can get random DCs during Olympic Games, World Championships, because of global events, when billions of people from PCs, notebooks or their phones are performing frequent requests for search and to download a content.

Sometimes a DC can happen because some ISP has old routers, outdated software or somewhere in your country is a partially damaged line due to wind or whatever can happen. This explains why not anybody has this kind of socket issues.

send me your stuff!

Are you sure it’s three times every every day, or three times every day day?

maybe his basement echoes :wink: