Don't understand how skins works

Hi, I’m new in EVE Online, playing since a couple of days. I have a Minmatar Rifter (frigate) and I’d like to put on a skin, Valklear, but I can’t find it in my region. Where can I buy it?

Hmm, skins are expensive and don’t help, even worse they make you grief when you lose your ship. Never bought any.
Many skins are related to a special event and only available for a few days, that’s why they are expensive.

What? You keep the SKIN license forever, you don’t lose it when you die.

OP you can buy SKINs either in the New Eden Store (look in the Neocom menu) or on the in game market. Bare in mind some skins are rarer than others and price will reflect this.


Some very rare SKINs are no longer in the game. Some are rarer than others, released only during special events or a very long time ago. Some are only on sale in the major trade hubs (Jita is always a good bet).

Price check websites like help a lot.

I searched for the Rifter Valklear Glory SKIN on there, see this link:

Only 2 for sale, in Jita, cheapest being 235 million :open_mouth:

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If you want a low cost skin for the Rifter look at the Exoplanets Hunter SKIN. I use it on my Wolf and it is quite attractive. It is also very inexpensive with a good selection on the market for less than 1 million ISK.

The Valklear Glory SKIN is very expensive - far more than you should consider paying as a new player for a vanity item on a ship you’ll probably soon outgrow.


I have that on my Rifter and I think it’s one of the better looking SKINs for that ship :slight_smile:

Where I can find it at less than 1 million ISK? In my regional market it costs something like 4 or 5. will provide a list of locations where it is (or at least was the last time the website updated) available. There seem to ba a good selection in Amarr and Gallente space

Once you redeem a SKIN, it’s forever in your character screen and you can set it to that hull from the fitting window.

The market screen in game can only show you the orders for the region you’re currently in. There’s a system called Jita and it’s basically the center of the universe when it comes to trade and is likely your best bet to aquire your favorite skins and clothes. Sites like that fuzzysteve one @Do_Little linked are also really handy.

Some skins are only available for a limited time so their value can vary greatly.

So I need only one skin license for all my 5 vexors? Or one license per existing ship, so if one is blown up, the next can be painted?
Gonna try, got some for free from a corp mate :slight_smile:

Correct. A permanent SKIN is for all ships of that type forever, for the character that activated the SKIN license.

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You need 1 SKIN license, which is permanently attached to the character (not account). After activating the SKIN license you only need “switch on” the skin each time you enter that kind of ship in future. The SKIN options are in the ALT-F fitting screen.


Temporary licenses work the same and will persist through losing the ship once activated, but will expire after the set duration time. The vast majority of SKIN licenses are permanent these days but check for the word “permanent” anyway before you buy.

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Thank you

Great suggestion, the skin is beautiful!

Nice job flying a Rifter by the way. That ship has a lot of history :slight_smile:

Rifter does indeed have a lot of history. This guide is somewhat dated but still a fun read and lots of useful information:




tonight someone who read this post gave me a huge amount of ISK and a contract to give me a skin for free.

I can’t remember the name of this person, I can’t even find the chat (still don’t understand all the UI) but, if you read:

I would like to thank you and tell you that I did not accept contract because I was having problems with mouse and keyboard, that’s why I did not answer to you in chat and did not accepted contract.
I apologize.
If you want to contact me again I will be pleased to accept.


If the contract is still active, which it will be, you can find it by going to the Neocom menu (3 lines, EVE ‘E’ in the very top left corner of the screen) and selecting Business and then Contracts. Check there and you will find the contract and will be able to accept it. You’ll also see who it is from if you check the details.

Another method is to check the notifications feed (small broadcast symbol in the very bottom right of the screen) and click where it says someone assigned a contract to you.