Dotlan and Jove Empire (station/outposts)

I was trying to mine someplace deep in northern space in what is the Jove Empire. I was mining and my hall got full from asteroids. It took me 3 jumps within Jove and I could not find a place to dock.

Is Jove a space Empire with little places to dock? Do they just all hang out in their spaceships like some of the bad guys on star trek? I finally found a station in one jump, once I was outside the Jove Empire Space. They must trade outside their empire?

If anyone mines in Jove, could you help me with station locations or even a small outpost?

You cannot enter Jove space.


im pretty sure i mine there…
maybe im wrong?

Most definitely. Jove space has no gate or wormhole connections to the rest of the cluster. Check your system name on DOTLAN :: EveMaps (or check the region name in the top left next to the System name) to see where you really are.

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Then you need to check where you are. Dotlan can tell you were the next dockable station is.

You can also find stations via the in-game map.

  1. open map
  2. click on the little cogwheel on the top left (if you have the map full screen it will be somewhere in the middle)
  3. scroll down to “Geography and Statistics”
  4. expand the category, scroll a bit more
  5. click on “Station Count”
  6. hover with your cursor over a system to see the number of station(s)

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