Jove Empire - Service Directory on Old Map

I didn’t know where exactly to ask this, so please feel free to move to the correct location.

I was doing some planning, using the old map, and was checking clone service facilities and noticed there are clone bays listed in Jove Space, along with a whole lot of other services.

Now, I don’t remember seeing anything listed on the old map, as far as services are concerned, in Jove space before. So, did I just not notice Clone Bays, manufacturing facilities, repair facilities, etc. before, or is this new?



I think that’s mainly used by Dev’s and possibly by players in Alliance Tournaments.

I don’t remember if it’s always been listed in the map, gotta admit I never really looked.

These were always there. The Jove stations had descriptions and services listed.

For some reason they’ve also got agents listed on Dotlan.

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