Why is there no clone bay services in Dodixie system?

Why is there no clone bay services in Dodixie system?

All the other hubs have them in NPC stations.

Hubs were created by players due to their distance between popular areas at the time…just so happens Dodixie was a good spot, but didn’t have a clone bay…

Maybe it’s time it should get one?

There’s no ruling that market hubs need clone bays, or even repair services. There are plenty nearby though.

Why? There’s plenty near by.

Just use one in the nearby vicinity. Not rocket science.

That’s all zollie has been doing lately is crying about small stuff


galente degenerates were doing nasty things with the clones so they took the clone bay out
behave and maybe one day someone install a new one


Damn hippies, we never get anything nice. All that free love crap.

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Ah a new age eve dilemma, our local hub lacks clone bay. CCP should move a clone bay to our hub & not we should move our trade hub to a clone bay.

Dodix along with all regional hubs exist for a reason that goes beyond clone jumping.

Doesn’t work that way. You could try to make a market next door that is popular enough for the hub to move from Dodixie.

OP role a character called Dodixiecloneguy, jump in a ship and orbit the station all day everyday, give it a few years and CCP will make the changes you require. It worked well for Stainguy, give it a try you have nothing to lose.

Seems like all you’ve been doing lately is crying about Zoiie.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Maybe they’re full?

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There are NPC stations 1 or 2 jumps out that do have clone bays where you can directly install your jump clone. There is a mechanic for all NPC stations where you can jump to another clone of yours elsewhere and that clone for which you are jumping “from” will be installed into that NPC station which does not advertise a clone bay. I have installed a clone using that method for various NPC stations without clone bays. You can then in the future jump to that clone.


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