Double elimination and the Grand Finals

Yesterday on a promotional stream for the AT, Fozzie was one of the guests and expressed a rather glaring misconception of how most double elimination brackets work in relation to the grand finals. He suggested that normally the team from the losers bracket would need to win two full series in the grand final in order to claim the victory, but this is not how other games like cs:go or dota handle things. The grand final is one single series with no benefit coming from the winners bracket other than having had to play fewer games, thus showing off fewer strats, to get there. In our finals we give the team from the winners bracket not only the benefit of having shown fewer comps, but they also go in one game up.

In previous years, this was an already heavy bias, but with the way the rules are set up this year, automatically banning any ships fielded in a match won, I think this warrants reconsidering. Especially since the expressed intent with the new rule is to have the finals run the full series for the entertainment value. Should the finals go the “full series” and a deciding “match 5”, the team from the losers bracket will have to face 20 auto bans plus the standard 3 (assuming they only ban ships from the pool of 20 they already can’t field themselves) compared to 10+3 for the team from the winners bracket, who can still potentially use one of the winning comps shown by the other team. This on top of the “1up” rule seems a bit excessive to me, which is why I would suggest the grand final be played as a straight bo5. In that situation both teams will have to bring something new to the final match and truly rewards diversity in the theorycrafting aspect, if that is what you are after.


Well written, and I couldn’t agree more.

Many years ago I participated in a double-elimination broomball tournament up in Alaska. Our team made it to the grand-finals in the winners bracket. The team that came up from the losers’ bracket beat us in the grand final and was declared the winner, despite us only having lost one match.

We were done after only one loss, while every other team in the tourney got a second chance. How is that fair? I’ll tell you. It’s not.

I, too, am concerned about the auto-bans in the grand finals. If it comes to it and there would have to be a second best of five, then reset the bans. Problem solved. Or just don’t do them at all. I really don’t care to watch a bunch of under-pointed logiless comps using ABCs, dessies, Minmatar cruisers, and T1 frigs.

Up this tread
really full trash in finals (((

This was posted 2 weeks ago but i cant see any response from organisers, is there other pages?

Might be because Im on my mobile cant see them

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There already was a reply once many weeks ago in some thread here. It basically was: we’re not planning on changing this atm.

and now it is changed

If the grand finals series reaches the fourth and final potential
match, the restrictions on bringing repeat ships from previous wins will
reset and for that final match all normally legal ships will once again
become available for use. The standard three match bans per team will
continue to apply in this match.

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