Double-sized client on launch

In the last few days, every time I try and launch a client, it starts up at twice the width of my screen, although the height is fine. I can see half of the login info. As soon as I login the client crashes. I launch it again and all is fine. When I close the client and try and launch it, or an alt client, the double-size problem occurs again. I get the crash, I re-launch and all is well etc. etc.

I notice that this was reported, although no resolution was offered, in December 22 Client startup double width

Any suggestions? This is also on a Mac, so may be peculiar to Macs?

UI Scaling 175%
VSync On
Window Mode

It’s an old-ish Mac: Retina 5K, 2017, Radeon Pro 575 4GB, 3.5GHz Intel Quad Core i5, 16GB RAM. It does struggle to run Eve, but it’s all I have and it ain’t going to get replaced any time soon :slight_smile:

Anyone else experiencing this, or knows how to fix it? (within the constraints of my current hardware).

Same for me 16" M1 Pro