Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(Balos Tritapo) #204

This is like claiming the number of car accidents would go down if we uninstall all breaks in a car :slight_smile:
The opposite is right…

(Balos Tritapo) #205

more to come my dear friend…more to come…

(Balos Tritapo) #206

no just a negative reaction of a loud minority…all others take what they can get their hands on…

(Balos Tritapo) #207

you really should become adult…


Really? Flagging this post as “Inappropriate” for this lone sentence?

Shows me i’m absolutley right about that…

(Bubba Billybob) #208

Considering they already tried dailies once and removed them due to their data showing them as being unsuccessful, your “loud minority” garbage doesn’t really hold water.

(Balos Tritapo) #209

Considering you call this half cooked try serious you would be right…but it wasn’t a serious try…it was not prepared properly and it was in no means more than a test…it was not meant to stay…

I’m very astouned how naive and easy to manipulate some people are…

Not even trying to look behind the curtain is discutable…at best :slight_smile:

(Winston Onzo) #211

you get 25k for the alpha and 25k for the omega. Essentially giving you 100k SP this weekend.

(Zifrian) #212

I don’t understand the double training. Is that only for alphas under 5mil sp? I’m omega and it’s already 2x. Or is it 4x now? Also, how does my accelerator work during this event?

(Ashterothi) #213


  • Using the redemption system makes it possible for me to choose who gets the skills.
  • Having Omegas get 2 smaller chunks allows it to be split between two toons on the same account


  • Window pops up every time (though this seems to be a bug, as it seems to suggest I can also redeem the next days item today, trying to fails)
  • Reminds me that I don’t think we ever got the free SP from the server problems earlier this year :wink:

(grisee whenne) #214

daccor je me suis pas encor connecter

(grisee whenne) #215

je suis omega et sa bug

(grisee whenne) #216

je le recherche aussi

(Aruar) #217

Dear CCP,
I will gladly accept all the extra SP of all the capsulers that are complaining about it and seemingly don’t want it.


(Sean Roach) #218

Well, if it was a Gremlin, yeah.

(Sean Roach) #219

The thing is, for years they HAD “log-in rewards”.
It was called training before the skill queue.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #220

Adding to my previous post: OK, so these SP aren’t possible to sell on the market, thank goodness. But STILL - it’s SP from thin air. This dev blog quote: :frowning:

…all the skillpoints available to buy on the market in EVE will have originated on other characters where they were trained at the normal rate. Player driven economies are key to EVE design and we want you to decide the value of traded skillpoints while we make sure there is one single mechanism that brings new skillpoints in to the system – training.

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #221

OMG that is from year, 2016.

haloooooooooooooooooooo this is 2018 !!!

(Sebs Pride) #222

I am so happy they removed that.

(Sugar Smacks) #223

But all gifts we get from them are always from thin air.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #224

I know! But I don’t object to not-SP gifts that lead to some gameplay, such as last December’s ship give-away event.