Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(Sebs Pride) #225

Basically when you login, it will “add” 50 if omega directly to training time.
So its not technically double training speed.

(Sugar Smacks) #226

Sorry but this totally reminds me of you right now.

(Gneeznow) #227

I re-installed eve, logged in both accounts (in alpha state), got my free SP, took one look at the default UI and logged out again.

Thanks CCP, I guess

(Goyathla) #228

Ok so I was skeptical of this double training weekend right from the get go. I read the comments on here and did my best to dismiss them, giving CCP the benefit of the doubt. I also want to say that I am not the type of person to post stuff on these threads, ever…

Then I come home from work, I login… and I am greeting with a screen that makes me feel like a six year old. What in the name of all that Eve has done? I am an adult, I play with Adults (or close enough to adults) and this is what I am greeted by?

I just dont have the words… Please stop whatever charade this is emanating from as soon as possible. I like free skill points, but this is just a childish ploy to draw in more people and at the same time aims things at what I feel is the wrong crowd…

(techzer0) #230

Normal people appreciative of a few extra SP. Check.
Usual whiners proclaiming EVE is dead. Check.
Bunch of whiners claiming ulterior motives. Check.
Bunch of morons blaming pearl abyss. Check.
Complete retards comparing it to WOW. Check.

Thanks CCP. Keep up the good work.

(Eric Kalfren) #231

Yep. You’ve said it best. :laughing:

(Sean Parisi) #232

If you give me 50,000 skill points i’ll double them.

Only complaint is that the announcement doesn’t address whether or not multiple character training queues will have any effect (assumed not).

(WaspMother BamBam) #233

Thank You CCP :slight_smile:
I love free stuff

(Sindrom Arbosa) #234

Да вы че! Че тут столько нытиков?! Ивент классный и для многих он очень в тему. Понятно, что это еще одна попытка перевести альф на омегу, но и про омег не забыли. 50к сп на халяву - это классно!

(Aetran Molou) #235

If I had my way we wouldn’t even have SP in the first place, the game is way more interesting and rewards skill the more people are on the same foot.
Thank you CCP, I appreciate the boost to give newbros more options so I can get more good fights.
People complaining about this kind of stuff make me question if they’re playing EVE for EVE, or because they think grinding plexes in null farmville is the whole game.

(Kaivarian Coste) #236

This happened to me as well. The screen implies that if you go Omega, you’ll get the extra 25k sp. But you don’t. I resubbed to test out the new Abyss features and to get the extra reward. But nope.

(Sobaan Tali) #237

Thank you, CCP. Much appreciated.

(Johnny Boggart) #238

100K free SP during the course of the week-end and I see some people still complaining……

Thank you CCP. Much appreciated.


Free sp… where’s Chribba so he can hold my skill points for me.

(Balos Tritapo) #240

You still don’t get that PA’s/CCP’s MAIN GOAL will be the 6-10 year old with daddys credit card in his hand?

This is just the first of many changes the game will go through.
Pa’s loot box heaven…

Better get used to something like this fast or you will have a very traumatizing time in the future…

(Ima Wreckyou) #241

And then they removed it because they agreed that it was completely stupid. So why is it back now?

(Lugburz) #242

where 2 buy this i am bad at game??!

(Balos Tritapo) #243

Just wait until the next economic report shows no further gain… :slight_smile:

(Tyr Citlali) #244

Stupid question, is there a 24hr cool down timer? Logged in yesterday and got the Omega points. Logged in this morning after Downtime and I can’t redeem my points. The option is grayed out.

(Dopified) #245

Logged in as well yesterday got the omega skill points just fine. Logged in just now and can not redeem the points. Both boxes are grey and have a locked icon in the top right hand corner. Others say they got theirs just fine.