Downtime and Mining Drones

Immediately after DT each morning (here in the US), I find that miners here in my home system typically leave 8-10 T2 drones out and don’t bring them in to their ships before DT kicks in. So, they are sitting in the belt when I warp back, usually for 5-10 min (we have a lot of AFK miners) before people head back to the belt. Are those drones available for scooping, or do they still remain somehow the property of the miner?

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Yes, they certainly are. As long as the owner is not in-belt (or close enough even if they are) they are free to take.

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Hmm… What system would that be ?? (just curious, honest…)

OK thank you! o7

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Also worth noting that if you train up combat probes you can find all sorts of drones that have been left behind. You can often see these on dscan (within the limits of its range) if you simply select “drones”. However, you cannot reach them until you use the probes to pin down their location and warp to them. Once there it is perfectly legal to scoop them up.


take em take em!!!
i got all my geckos like this … at the moment 27 … augmented mining drones and augmented ogre and such stuff … really nice …

you dont get a suspect tag or such stuff … no worry


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