DPPS (Dynamic PLEX Pricing System)

just a thought, what if the price of plex was calculated depending on how much omega time you have previously purchased, so if you’ve been a pilot who has plexed a character constantly for 5 years, perhaps your over all monthly cost could go down, or more importantly you could get additional reductions in year long purchases, however due to people building capitals and plexing multiple toons you’d have to allow this to one account if you have multiple accounts (this way you can keep your main going) and also say that this is a new thing going forward, so it cannot retroactivately factor in your previous years of game time.

personally if this was in place I would save up and buy a years worth of game time so that next year it would be cheaper or I’d have a reduction over time, each time my omega runs out “here’s you’re new recalculated price, you have a X% reduction” it would be like a thank you from the company for playing the game, “to say thanks, here’s a slightly better deal” everyones deal would be different depending on playtime i guess this would have to be capped somewhere though.

could be something to consider.

Calculated based on what? ingame? Your are barely explaining your reasoning or how this would work.

Do you even understand how PLEX works?

If you are talking about the ISK value of PLEX. What incentive would there be for people that buy PLEX for in game ISK? You want more people buying PLEX for ISK to keep the market supply high and cost low. The minute you take it away there is no incentive for people to put plex on the Market. Then who will put PLEX on the Market for you to PLEX your account?

CCP would rather you spent real Dollars to subscribe. And I am ok with that. I doubt they will want to punish those that buy PLEX for ISK in favor of those that consume PLEX for Gametime. As it is a liability.

considering the fact that it would take too much in game effort to calculate an in game ISK value for purchases (which would be not only really stupid but complicated) I think the obvious conclusion would be that I’m talking about real cash.

this way the in game market suffers minimal impact., keeps people paying real cash and slowly over a long period of time can reduce the overall cost on a single account to retain active players for longer periods of time.

There is nothing obvious about your statement. Ambiguity is not how you sell an idea.

So right now PLEX cost 5 (4,99) USD more for one month (24,99) vs the current 20USD for one month. Obviously the more you buy then you might get more out of it. But at no point does PLEX cost less than then an actual subscription for monthly and even yearly.

Yes they have special where you might have a PLEX month that is less then a monthly sub. But do you realistically see a company ask consistently less money to PLEX your account vs a subbing your account? I actually think it is more realistic that they might ask somebody that subs yearly, to sub yearly again at 6 month into the current with a 30-40% discount.

clearly it would have to be capped and calculated to make sure it was profitable for the company, I’m just saying i think the idea would be cool. what the company decides is down to them, but I’ve been playing for a while, plex has gone up, i only have one toon and live on a very small budget, it would be nice if my purchasing game time would even on occasion grant me some kind of discount tailored to my spending habits for the game, allowing a greater player retention.

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