PLEX prices too low!

I have never paid a penny for this game, and I rely on plex to go omega too. However, with an alpha vni (or alpha gila since those are about to be nerfed), you can pretty easily pull about 45m/hour. With max skills omega, you can get 60-70m/hour. Since the cost of plex is only about 2000m, you can plex in just 44 hours with an alpha, or 28 hours with an omega. This doesn’t even include any additional 150m 10/10 DED sites you can sell, or faction drops. Basically, if you went ratting for about an hour a day with an omega you could easily get enough isk to plex, or if you ratted for about 1.5 hours a day with an alpha you could also plex.

However, this doesn’t take into account SP training. On average, an omega not mapped specifically for a skill can make about 1.5m SP a month, or roughly 1.5 billion off passive training. Omegas also have access to PI, which at it’s most basic level of fetching stuff off a planet once a week can yield about 300m/week. That’s 1.2 billion in a month. Reactions and industry are further sources of passive income, and they can generate a ton of money too.

So obviously, even if you were only running an alpha account you could pretty quickly get an omega and plex for PI, SP training and reactions/indy.

Now, let’s say you have a carrier account. It takes about 15b to inject and buy a ratting thanny with basic fighter skills. The lowest hourly rate in a carrier would be roughly 150m, with t2 fighters and faction dda’s pulling about 200m/hour. That would mean you could plex in 10 hours, or about 20 mins of ratting a day every day for a month. If you choose to save and upgrade to a super, which require basically the exact same skills with heavy fighters as the only other skill you need, you could plex with just 6 mins of ratting every day.

Should plex prices really remain this low? Of course not, and they’re obviously going to grow. As more and more people skill into carriers and supers, the average wealth will continue to go up, and more and more people will have larger sums of isk. Of course, this pushes out the smaller VNI’s (which are already going to be nerfed anyways), but they’re just collateral damage.

However, CCP is directly interfering with plex prices. CCP has been regularly doing plex sales, and there hasn’t been an omega sale (using plex) for a while. The plex faucet is too large, and there’s not enough plex sinks to make up for it.

plex prices need to be higher


looks like your working on a second job there; maybe you should make spreadsheet share it on reddit or… i dunno w/e.

honestly if i did all of that for 28 hours a month i think i would genuinely not bother playing at all.

So… i guess as people are saying plex is too high
and they are not subbing
your actually very very wrong.

OBVIOUSLY you have plex stock left…

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Would these “people” like to come forward and explain what kind of activities they participate in that prevents them from making the in-game isk required to purchase the 500 PLEX?

Because none of them seem to be coming forward, I’m just going to assume they’re all mining afk in a Retreiver in highsec and looking to sell the Ore on the market to make ISK, which is NOT the PvE activity that should be considered baseline for PLEXing, imo.

Now let’s say you stopped using a VNI, and for a small invest of 15b got into carriers. Join an alliance that has a supercapital umbrella, and rat for about 10 hours, or about 20 mins a day. Then, when you saved up enough isk you got into supercapitals you’d only have to rat for 6 mins a day to plex. Sucks to be a VNI ratter, but if you’re not going to take advantage of the better opportunities from carrier/super ratting then it’s your own fault you have to rat for 28 hours a month

Then stop whining,
you are like somebody who complains about the government of the day but did not vote.

Praise James 315.


Is there a reason why I can’t complain about why CCP should earn more money? I’m just concerned about CCP’s bottom line, without money they won’t be able to run the servers, keep employees paid or do events like fanfest/alliance tournament

There is a reason yes,

You are the equivalent in this game to a welfare recipient. Miner, the thing that will send the game to the wall is parasite players who selfishly whine about the things they get for free.

Try contributing financially to the game.

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ur a dum dum

Any player who operates an Omega account is contributing “financially” to the game.

The person who subscribes for Omega has paid for a subscription.

The person who Plexes in game, while not having paid out of their own wallets, is still contributing to the game through another player’s purchase of the plex.

I’m not sure where people are getting the notion that people who plex are completely free loading off CCP. That plex still needs to be paid for by real players spending real money before it can be created in game.


Are you a bot?

So you are trying to PLEX your account but want CCP to make it harder for you? Not to be offensive but i don’t get it.


Double that time to also acquire a reasonable amount of wallet cash for a month. Triple it for a semi dedicated player who wants to not spend most of their valuable time ratting, have pocket money and pvp on a single account.

No thanks. I’ll take less than an hour of irl work and just pay if I want to sub. If I get a few nice drops, maybe I’ll buy a few skins with plex or whatever. Omega plexing for the majority of casual players is a waste of time.


I agree You could easily double the price of à plex. And adjust skin prices. I find skins already expensive. Thx for the info Nep Chan

I think you are overestimating the value of PI. People who are making that kind of money off it have several dedicated alts with 5 planets each and max skills. There’s also a time in setting it up and reliably getting it to market considering the best planets are in Low/Null and are most likely claimed by a local corp.

Awesome troll post…

Get good scrub, I earned enough ISK in my first month playing to buy PLEX for a year and here you are making it sound like living slavery just to get by.

Get a job kid, you should take your penny collection you’ve been saving and just pay for your sub and then when you realize you could do literally anything for an hour that you get payed could save yourself a lot of time and maybe actually make it to playing this game for once.

My best estimation is that PLEX prices will be over 4 billion ISK for 500 PLEX before the end of 2020 and that is after settling down from being considerably bit higher earlier in that year.

CCP are better trolls though, PLEX prices go up 30% in one month, gives 15% discount for one weekend! Kind of reminds me of that feeling when it says “Free PLEX” that comes with the PLEX package you can buy or how extractors are always on sale 24/7/365 in the new eden store.

Keep up the work sport, eventually you will feel some challenge to the picnic that is farming ISK to PLEX. Those prices are never going to stop going up so it is only going to get more fun for you everyday you keep playing.

Imagine you had a good. Call it X. And it was good for one thing. Now suppose you make X useful for 2 things. What would we expect to happen to the market for X. Nothing has really happened to shift the supply curve. But adding an additional use to X would shift the demand curve for X. It would shift “outwards” that is for each price there’d be more demand for X.

That is suppose we went through all the hassle of maximizing the in game consumer’s welfare and derived the following demand function for X:

X = a - b*P.

Now, with adding another use to X the demand curve becomes,

X = a’ - b*P.

Where a’ > a. If you were to draw this on a piece of paper it would look like this,


Now adding the supply curve we’d get,


So we see the price go from p* to p’ and the quantity go from q* to q’.

Can you use PLEX for more things these days? Yes. Is the higher price to be expected? Yes.

Of course, this is not the only factor involved. Tastes or preferences change too. The market is comprised of many different individuals if some move into the market while other move out that can shift the demand and the supply. If players incomes (in game) change that can change the demand curve. If players income (OOG) change that can affect the supply. These players my opt for less krabbing and more PLEX to sell for ISK.

There might even be some attempts at manipulation, but I don’t think those are significant or can be sustained very long. The PLEX market is a very thick market.


While the opportunity cost varies from person to person, you have to wonder what these people are giving up to be able to PLEX their accounts.

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it is all about supply and demand ha ha ha - people always wrote that when plex go higher and higher.
whats happend? you change your mind ha ha ha. so funy.

people are not bots - people time has more value - plex will fall if there is no bots in system - and it is how it should be.

and you dont know of one key thing - promotions on steam.

Congrats you made eve sound boring as ■■■■ if I spend that to worry about making enugh isk to plex and how much time I must spend to do it and go all spreadsheet over it man I would have quit eve long time ago my steam time would not say 10k hours but instead 50 hours. Damn I have a life I have other games I enjoy. But man you made even sound boring as hell congrats man now go get a job and kids and stop worrying over how expensive or not some video game item costs you clearly need a break from eve.

Get a real job.