1m free SP for omegas!

Only omegas get it, not those poor alpha saps
Buy PLEX now!!!

Dont you mean sub?

Nah, i’d rather people buy plex i have a bunch of it stockpiled

If you have a bunch stockpiled, you don’t want them to buy PLEX, since it would decrease the price.

Blue line is PLEX, when the supply of plex decreases, it shifts the blue curve to the left

Buying PLEX with IRL money introduces more PLEX into the economy, i.e. increases the PLEX supply.

So not buying more PLEX, meaning no new PLEX introduced into the economy, would decrease the quantity, if we assume the demand is stable. So yes, if you are stockpiling and waiting for prices to increase, you don’t want people to buy PLEX.

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Oh, seems there was a communication error
I’m telling the poor alpha accounts who refuse to buy subs to buy PLEX from the market instead, so that they can get omega and by extension the 1.25m free sp


Arh… Yeah, it makes sense.

‘Alpha saps’ > Minmatar slaves > any GSF/CFC.


no, it’s
Minmatar slaves > any GSF/CFC. = horde >Alpha saps’

Imagine buying injectors and then finding out everyone gets 1mil unmitigated sp free…

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Seems to be working. PLEX prices have jumped.

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oh goody :slight_smile:

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Update: PLEX has risen to 4.5m, and today’s only the first day. Expect prices to continue rising till the 16th


nah, there is only 2 days of leeway to get that 1 mil, unless omega rewards are retroactive and you can go omega during the last day to get all the rewards (implying that you logged in every day as alpha).

According to the Dev Blog, that option is available.

Hey, please help me out!

Friend of mine is going to sell those SP and said that it’s worth more than a months worth of PLEX. I don’t know, I don’t care in-game-wise and I believe him. Because of the currently high PLEX prices and the fact that selling the SP allows for paying for a month with ISK, while making ISK-profit, I believe a lot of people will be willing to pay a sub with real money, because they’ll get that money back indirectly via a free month.

I believe so.

That means that in around 30 days time we’ll very likely see yet another nice increase in the price of PLEX.


If I didn’t know better, I’d be forced to wonder if you’re currently trying to sell some PLEX…

Think about it. There’s no point in trying to manipulate people. There’s even less point trying to do it on the forums. The price will increase either way, but I wanted to know what he thinks about the price likely going to increase a bit more in around a month.

I have a whole whopping 500 PLEX and I’m not using them, or selling them. There is nothing actually interesting or worthwhile for me to do and most of the time my CEO isn’t online, so I have absolutely zero reason to log in.

Rather tell me what you think about the possibility of my above post being correct?

@Teckos_Pech Oh, Mighty Economy Wizard, please tell me what you think, too!


I’m not sure. My numbers may be horrible because i don’t do anything with extractors and injectors…

Napkin math suggests ~500mil isk profit per extractor turned into injector. And a months training is ~1.4 mil sp. Add on your extra million for 2.4mil sp this month gives you 4 extractors for 2bil profit before taxes. So, correct me if I’m wrong but, that’s a no?

Unless you’re willing to extract a little more sp to top it up to 2.5mil sp to get you 2.5bil profit before taxes. Then that would be worth more than current plex prices.

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