No one selling new plex

Will eve involves and sell official plex if no one sell plex.

CCP already sells “offical plex”, they just don’t do it for ISK. CCP is a for profit company, they need to pay the people who develop and maintain the game. Every Omega account makes them money regardless of being subbed with cash or with PLEX, because PLEX can only be bought for cash, so every sub ultimately is/has been a cash payment to CCP.
If they were to seed PLEX to the market, then they would effectively give out omega status for free (I know, it doesn’t seem to be free from the player perspective since you have to pay ISK for it, but it is from CCPs perspective since ISK are worthless to them since they cannot so anything with it). So that won’t happen.

However, if nobody sells PLEX, then someone who has PLEX could basically demand ridiculous amounts if ISK for their PLEX, which would incentivise people to sell. Imagine being able to buy 100 Titans for effectively $10 if you’re the only one selling PLEX. Yes, that’s a bit of an extreme example, but extremes help to check if something is true or not. The threshold of a realistically attainable price of a PLEX needed for someone to actually go out and buy some PLEX for $, then sell them on the market is highly individual, and so an equilibrium will be maintained based on the individual perception of the value of both ISK and PLEX of all market participants combined. This is what always happened, and it will continue to happen. The markets won’t run out of PLEX.

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But I see very less plex on market. like very little.

Hoping to re-sustain my omega status with market plex is the only reason I bought their omega time with retriever package at the first place.

There are tens of thousands of PLEX changing hands in Jita every day, so it is possible to buy enough PLEX to sustain one or more omega accounts. You will always find someone in Jita to sell you PLEX if you’re willing to pay the ISK.

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