Dr. Who event Can we get poded by NPC in the combat pocket?

Hi guys,

Just want to know if we can get poded by NPC in the Dr. Who event.
I have been neut to death (noob error) but was able to escape. I want to know if this was because I was fighting right next to the gate or if NPC won’t shoot my pod …

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

only trigs IIRC and sleepers can pod…


As they are new NPC I better want to be sure than sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Gankers might still pop your pod though if they are in the mood and/or your killboard has juicy pods. :wink:

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All the npcs in the abyss pod, including the angels and npcs that don’t normally pod.

Whether the npcs in this event do I don’t know.

No. You can escape through the gate in your pod.
… from experience :wink:

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Thanks :+1:

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