Dr Who Combat Event Difficulty

So If I understeood this right…

The first few relic sites I do lots of hacking. I get BPCs of filaments and filaments ingredients (well except for the Pyerite apparently). The I craft a curious filament.

This will let me into a tier I (for lack of better word) exploration site with hacking which will contain components for another filament. This filament will then allow me to enter a tier II exploration site. This site will then have the ingredients for a third filament which will let me get into a combat site with a T1 crusier.

For first off, this is a T1 cruiser restriction not a size restriction like how many gates are “this size or smaller” right?

Next, if my friend has a clean clone and no abyssal rolled stuff can he complete the site on his own?

Most of this post is about a bug that has been fixed, so ignore that, but the OP claims this is supposed to be a new-player friendly event

Intentionally or Not… The Dr. Who Event is $$$-Gated : Eve (reddit.com)

And… somehow I suspect that this thing cannot be completed by someone who didn’t bling his ship.

But let’s suppose my friend has a decent T1 cruiser, good skill levels, skill at the ship, and decent but not super blingy modules and I’m come in with Racial Cruiser III, sub-par cruiser skills (as in I never fly anything larger than a destroyer unless I’m overkilling a rat that can be dealt with a destroyer in a large ship or in a larger ship in PVE and just press F1 on the target the FC calls in PVP, so I have no idea of how these ships feel), and a clean clone (since I just noticed unlike a lot of PVE sites, this one can kill the pod too). Can he carry me?

All levels of combat sites can be soloable so I think your friend will be fine with you.
From personal experience, level 3’s are soloable with meta and T2 mods but you NEED to manually fly to avoid the neut bombs and you NEED to follow a certain procedure.
i have not tried level 4’s yet.
Level 1 and 2’s are easy.
I agree that level 3 and 4’s are NOT new player friendly at all.
Try 1 and 2’s to get a feel for them.

The rats don’t pod so if you lose your ship you can still exit the site. Also the exit is open at all times so you can bail without killing the boss if it looks bad.

can other players “enter” the site? :smiley:

Thanks, I need someone to carry me since I’ll know wouldn’t be pulling my weight.

Yeah, I don’t mind an “expert” event, but it should be at least billed as one rather than a “someone who subscribed last September can do this solo” … which might be true if that was an alt of a veteran.

Oh goody. Thanks

Sure someone can slowboat 16 AU from the gate to the site without a bookmark to it…

No. They are combat scannable and then warpable though. Although I wouldn’t worry about it, who would gank T1 cruisers?

Out in low sec, some people like one vs one PVP even if the drops are of little value. Miners don’t put up much of a fight unless you attack them at a gate gun (and even then it’s usually no contest), but the odd low sec mission runner provides entertainment. Things get a bit quite interesting when a low sec mission runner put on a PVP fit in hopes of getting a good fight. Fun/hour is more valuable than ISK/hour, which wouldn’t be very high when getting T1 cruisers (or for that matter a lot of the solo ships) out in low sec. In fact I’d do more of this if I could afford it, I lose enough hulls I need to subsidize my hobby with mining. As for anyone who tries to gank T1 cruisers in high sec, I imagine it’s not done by profit gankers but by the same people who think going after mining frigates (not barges, frigates) is fun. Some people like losing their cats for a chance of getting a drop of 2 Miner Is, 1 NM Afterburner, 1 Survey scanner, and 1 Nanofibers.

Has EVE changed so much sice I left that people need reasons to gank ppl?

Most gankers nowadays are only after blingy ships, freighters, or BPs…

Notice I said “most” not “all”

Sometimes even Ventures with Miner Is go down

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