Capsuleer Day Filaments

Are the filaments meant for hacking or combat? If it’s another one of those “hacking with NPCs but your t1 Probe isn’t good enough to tank” I think I might as well not bother. I remember the Caldari Data Node sties from last year April which left a bad taste in my mouth. If this is anything like that I might as well just not bother and do missioning while I wait for a different event.

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There’s various types of Capsuleer filaments to access different site levels. The level of difficulty for completing the site is in the filament description.

I’m not sure but think some filaments are for Hacking and others are for Combat. I do know the Hacking sites don’t involve combat and can be accessed by T1 Exploration and T2 Covert Ops ships. The negative aspect is the sites have the Abyssal expiration timer.