Is there a link between using filaments and invasions?

Hi there, I’m a returning player after… years! So I discovered about triglavians etc. in the past few days, while doing some exploration… I may even have tried to cross a system I shouldn’t have entered… but there’s nothing to prove it (not even a ship) ^^’

And I’ve been wondering whether there could be a link from “players have been cracking that many filaments in/around this system” to “guess who’s coming for diner!” (ie invasion). Has there been anything written along those lines, either published by CCP or implied by players trying both?

That could explain, for instance, why systems around Arnon (SOE epic arc) are so repeatedly bugged with invasions…

What d’y’all think?

I doubt it, but it just might be.

If you like conspiracy theories: it is known that drifters collect capsuleer corpses (via sleepers), so one can theorize that drifters halted their assault on NS because they have run out of corpses…

From a lore perspective, capsuleer activity in the abyss did lead to the invasion but I don’t think there is any connection between the invasion foothold systems and the number of people using filaments in that system. There does seem to be a concentration in the CONCORD constellation in Genesis (Sanctum) which can make life difficult for new players running the SOE Epic arc. Not sure if that’s coincidence or deliberate.

Well, those recurring invasions in the vicinity of the SOE epic arc might be a little annoying but:
– those missions don’t expire, there are other things to be done while we wait the invasion to be repelled;
– all that stuff with triglavians (mainly the scouts) got me to learn how to use d-scan, which makes me far more confident to go into lo sec!

So it might not be all that bad after all X-)

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