Dread Alts

I have seen a few recruitment ads that suggest that people should have dreadnaught alts. Why would people use an alt for this? Wouldn’t you use your main? Or is it so boring that people just turn their siege module on and then go off on a roam with their main while the alt handles the structure bash?

I’m going to guess it’s got more to do with the use case of the corp/alliance more than anything. For e.g. if the corp/alliance lives in a WH and decides to stage ‘dread-bombs’ in number of locations, it could be easier (less interruptive to daily activities) to do that on an alt than a main, or maybe the dread alt is nice backup for your titan main! Course, it could also be the boring thing, structure bashing is crazy boring.



Yes, they were all WH corps.

  1. Capital skills are a really long train that doesn’t help you with doing much besides flying capitals, so it’s best to have a separate character for them. Your main, on the other hand, can easily double as your cyno character because T2 cruisers are something that you should be training your main into anyway.

  2. Capitals typically jump in after the subcapitals are already engaged. Capitals don’t always jump in. If you’re not in the subcapital fleet, you ended up contributing nothing if this happens.

Also, dreadnoughts aren’t usually used for shooting structures. Carriers are more likely to do that.


For WH corps specifically, dreads are commonly seeded in systems different than your home system (either in krab holes or in other systems for PVP). This means that a character has to basically hold the dread, meaning you can’t be elsewhere with that character. In addition to that, dreads don’t fit through many WH types, and you can’t push more than 3 or so through them anyway - movement from system to system is fairly limited.

Another practical reason is that training a dread requires a large and specific set of skills, which can be rushed pretty quickly on an alt, but represent a serious disruption to your main’s skill queue.

But you should talk about this with your potential corp, they might have their own reasoning or they might be entirely ok with you having dread skills on main. It’s just a very common practice to have dreads on a separate character for convenience and time efficiency.


This is honnestly the main reason.

In a lot of conflicts, 70 to 80% of the fights will stay at the subcap level and not escalate.

You don’t want to have your main just waiting in a station at least 70% of the time.

And even when capital jump-in, you need your subcaps to stay on grid, you can’t just warp out and reship into your Dread.

Interesting. Thanks.

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