Dreams About Eve?

Sometimes I have dreams about Eve Online but its really odd how the dreams turn out.

In my Eve dreams I’m flying my ships as usual but instead of being out in space I’m usually inside buildings; as if the game developers changed the skyboxes to be interior spaces.

For example: Earlier this month my wormhole group and I were bashing-down enemy POCOs. A few nights ago I had a dream about that but instead of being in space we were all in a bookstore and the POCOs were neatly lined up as books on bookshelves while we were attacking them. Our ships were roughly the size of golf balls.

Several years ago I learned how to properly fly my Vexor for ratting. I subsequently had a dream where I was in my Vexor but I was inside my main office where I work in real life instead of out in space. I remember I couldn’t fly out of my office with my Vexor because the door was closed; like a fly trapped inside a building. My Vexor was about the size of a baseball.

One year I learned how to use my Nestor to rat inside a Class 5 wormhole. That night I had a dream where I was at a shooting range (which in and of itself is odd since its been YEARS since I’ve gone to an actual shooting range in real life) and instead of holding a rifle up to my shoulder, I was holding my Nestor and using its circular structure in the front as its scope.

And last night I had a dream where I was in my office and I was leaving work. But instead of getting into my car, I got into my Astero that was parked on the street and flew off. At that time my Astero was about the size of a U-Haul truck. But when I flew it in my real-life city it becaue about the size of a golf ball or baseball. I then met-up with some friends later at night at a gas station and we were all flying scanning ships. We then stopped and looked at the name of the gas station and realized we were in Low-Sec and noticed how shady everything was. We all decided to warp-off, our ships being, again, about the size of golf balls flying around in this gas station. I got caught and this guy bent the nose of my Astero and so I couldn’t cloak. Eventually some random Russian guy chased me down and literally grabbed onto my Astero so as to essentially web it. He was hanging off the side of my Astero as I was trying to fly away. At this my Astero was about the size of a microwave.

In almost all my dreams about Eve I’m flying my ships as normal but in real-life spaces, usually interior, and they’re all between the sizes of golf balls and cars. Very strange.

Anyone else experience something like this?


Yesterday I fell asleep for a short nap, dreamt I got ganked, so I then ran a few Winter Nexus events where (surprise) - I got ganked. Or rather, an attempted gank (survived).

I do tend to have dreams about stuff I spend a lot of time with. If I play Eve a lot for a long period of time, I will dream Eve. If I play a lot of Civ in a month, I will have weird Civ snaps in my dreams. It’s perfectly normal.
If it concerns you, you might have to reduce the time you spend in Eve, but tbh, there is no need for concern.

Had we all seen the thread where someone had compared the Eve Online Ships to actual real world actual sizes to offer some thought on the comparison?

The Astero is way longer than any U-Haul truck.

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What I find most interesting is how, in my dreams, I don’t think about the terrain (space) itself. I think about what’s in front of me and the PEOPLE I encounter. The ship I fly in my Eve dreams, like in the game itself, is just a tool. Its the people I meet and the area I’m in that’s most important.

Had lots of Eve related dreams over the years. There’s a few threads of Eve dreams if you search for them.

Last post someone did an insane amount of event sites. Now we have this??


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