What kind of dreams do you have about Eve in your sleep?

My dreams/nightmares are often like this:

I spawn in space, having red enemies everywhere. But I still have a chance, I can warp off to a station and dock my most expensive ship (of course). But I have to be quick, they’re locking on to me! But in sleep, everything goes in slow motion. I see my shipmate in the horizon but he’s too far away to help, and they’re denying me warp and I’m webified. Help! And I get shot, podded and I wake up.


I don’t often dream about this game, but when I do it usually concerns mining peacefully for omber or veldspar, admiring the stars and gas clouds. Free from real life worries. Even if I get attacked and blown up, it’s not the end. I can just get another ship and start mining again.

I don’t always dream about Eve. But when I do, she’s on all fours, and I’m…

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OP, if video game scenarios are your nightmares, your life is going pretty good…

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LOL it’s only like once a month or so tho

My ship just won’t stop spinning!!!

–Dizzy Gadget


I don’t, not much imagination.

I had a dream where I was being tractored into an MTU, I couldn’t escape but I woke up just before it devoured me.

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I don’t sleep.

It’s 4.30am and I’ve been on shift at the hospital tonight for 11 hrs so far and I’ve got a way to go yet. I stink and I’m testy. Testy as ■■■■. Y’know, being splattered by another dude’s doo doo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I dream about an Overview that overlays a bubble-shaped screen mounted in an old-school sit down arcade game, and I’m frantically shooting and locking targets and not getting blown up, which is way better than me getting blown up and podded in less time than a blink of an eye–which is what happens when I play EVE in my waking hours.

Ha, that sounds awesome

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I had a dream years and years ago (like 2007 or 2008) in which my cyclone became wonky and broke down in a ditch near a large bridge in my city, I was out with a spanner beating some electronics behind a panel and some traffic warden was giving me grief ‘‘look buddy you can’t park that thing here look at the size of it, you’re gonna block the whole bridge, what were you thinking setting down here’’ and I was getting madder and madder at this traffic warden because it’s not like I could move it you know? He kept pushing and pushing and was like ‘‘if you don’t get that heap moved in the next 5 minutes it’s a 60 euro fine matey’’. I woke up after that, sweating at the prospect of being fined 60 euro for crashing my cyclone on edge of the river Shannon and blocking traffic out the Ennis road.

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Ive been hot dropped and hot dropped in my dreams. But last Eve dream I had I got suicide ganked by CODE, but it was ironically real, as I had literally passed out from too much beer and was in my bed got up and came to the computer and saw my miners were all dead.

The slow motion thing happens a lot too if its an Eve related dream.

And as Vortexo says if Eve dreams are your only nightmares then you do have a good life.

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I did have an EVE dream once where for some reason there was a Jettison option on one of my ships in the Ship Hangar when I was docked in a Station. Of course I jettisoned the ship to see what would happen. A big door opened in the back of the Ship Hangar and the ship was sucked out into space where it exploded. I was quite upset and wished I hadn’t pressed the jesttison button.

Freudian dream analysis: fear of ship loss.

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Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?

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Dreaming about mining? Slowly becoming a bot-aspirant AND a disgrace for the capsuleer community at the same time?

Oh my, I won’t be able to sleep tonight, thank you very much…

I dont often dream of eve. but when i do it involves machariels and tengus.

Bumping Machariels are always nightmare enducing D-:


I dream about walking in stations.


… In the cathedral, reading scriptures?