Have you had any dreams about EVE while sleeping? Share them here!

We play EVE, we dive into it deep. And sometimes we even dream about EVE at night.

Have you had any weird, horrifying or awesome EVE dream? Share it here if you want.

I will start.

Some days ago i had this weird dream: I was ill and had to go visit a doctor. I don’t know what my symptoms were, the notion was just that I was ill. So I went to see a doctor. I approached the door and opened it. And then…

Can you imagine my huge surprise when I saw that the doctor was CCP Fozzie! He was calm, smiling, he said hi and I was nearly in shock. I woke up several seconds later, with a grin on my face. :smiley:

So, what are your weird, scary or fantastic dreams about EVE at night? Please share if you feel confident to do so.


Constant nightmares of dying in my fat-kids D’X

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I once had a dream where there would be a corporation, roleplaying as the space police, and all they would fly were pacifiers, enforcers and soon the Marshals, unfortunately, it was a dream, because for that to easily happen the ships needed to be cheaper XD

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was In Noir academy which was really strict at the time and had nightmares of losing my ceptor or bomber in a stupid way. I wake up in the middle of the night and have to login and make sure I was in a station . Yeah that was a weird time, loved it though hehe

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Had a nightmare fairly recently about being doxxed by another Eve player. Was very unsettling… I don’t remember much about the dream itself but how I felt.

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I had only few dreams about fighting some ships on gate. Or that my ship was ganked and I waked up in station.

I waked up once in real life and the ship was indeed ganked because I left it on gate. :pensive:


I dream nothing.

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I had a dream once where I docked in a Minmatar station in my Caracal maybe a year after I started playing.

The twist was that when I undocked I ended up inside those corridors you can see ships flying through behind the hangar, and I got lost in the traffic going around in circles in the station for almost 10 minutes before I found the way out.

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I had a dream a while back that I had never taken a break from EVE while I was at college and actually found myself working at CCP just like some old in game acquaintances who now do/did. While not a dream about EVE itself, it’s sort of related.

Years later I still find myself looking at their careers page for fun and have even considered at times… and people give Fozzie and his team crap. If only they knew half the stuff that goes through my mind I would want to pitch. :thinking:

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Why so many nightmares? I guess I am a carebear - with my innocent EVE dreams. :slight_smile:

Not a dream but a nightmare, being a CODE corp member spinning around in station locked inside the defunct captain’s quarter trying to get into my Ibis but can’t find the way towards it, and then I wake up abruptly in a bath of sweat.

I have a recurring dream about a MMO space game that doesn’t actually exist - the rules, interface, map, none of them match existing games.
In it I have mining facilities and a small colony on a planet out beyond Empire space. Now and then I fly out to check on progress, worried that space pirates might have raided it.

I have dreams of playing Eve while something else is going on. Most vivid one I remember is about an update to PI where you need to go down to the surface to take care of production issues via politics and/or violence to restart the production line and discovering that they’d just imported and reskinned a mafia game for that part.

I blame it on playing too many political tabletop games also set in space. And pizza.

You know you wake up the moment you die in your dream

I’ve been dreaming about eve at least once a week for the last 4 or 5 years. Recently it’s been every 2 or 3 days. For that reason, I have had hundreds and hundreds of dreams about the game. I’ll share some of my favorites:

  1. Gallente Storehouse:
    In this dream, I am flying around space in my usual caldari shuttle and am somewhere in low/null sec. Then I come upon a pocket where these ships show up, but do not attack me. After a couple minutes they drop and anchor an acceleration gate. I go through this and find a big structure with a bunch of different faction items all around inside in a honeycomb fashion. However, there is only 1 layer of this honeycomb stuff and inside there are these two big asteroids and a couple drones. I then launch five of my drones (from my cargohold) and take care of the enemy drones. After that a map of Los Angeles takes over the screen and I get a brief history on its railway. Then I’m back in space with what I think is a moa. Then I go and try to engage some other enemies at an accelleration gate, but they hit me pretty hard. Also, the icons on the Hud are different. Then when I’ve taken at least half damage to my armour and my shields are dead, my game freezes and that’s the end of the dream.

  2. Mining Redstone ore:
    This was one of my earlier dreams. As far as I can remember I was flying around in space somewhere mining redstone ore from an asteroid.

  3. Uninsured, Stolen Orca:
    In this dream I had been flying around in space for a while when I spotted an orca floating by a gate. Nobody was in it, so I got out of my shuttle and jumped into the orca. I thought, “Hey, this is great!” However, as I was flying over this mountain (cus, you know, it’s a dream) some rats came upon me and blew up the orca. It was at that point that I came to the sudden realization that I had completely neglected to insure the orca I stole. After waking up I had to think about if that really happened or not.

  4. Being Chased:
    This was just a simple premise, but it was really real and the fear was real. I was running from this group and I was just in my Caldari Shuttle. I wasn’t looking through or at a monitor. I was in the game and I was thinking, “Go! Go! Go! Jump! Jump! Jump!” I don’t remember how it ended. I think I woke up before they got me.

  5. Purchasable wormhole seeds:
    This dream involved me traveling through various wormholes. As usual, I was fleeing from a group of people for some reason. I needed someway to lose them. I showed info on a wormhole to see where it went and found a “view market details” button in the show info window. When I clicked it I found that I could buy a placeable wormhole for 9 trillion isk. Luckily for me I had 500 trillion isk, so I bought a couple. I planted some to see where they would go. I don’t remember where they went. I think they went to another part of my dream.

  6. Control Tower in a Wormhole:
    In this dream I was exploring a wormhole I had found. I eventually came across a very sophisticated player installation that utilized a Caldari (Large) Control Tower. I think a couple people came out and started shooting me, so I fled to a wormhole exit and fled.

  7. Evergreen Tree in Wormhole:
    In this dream I was in another wormhole, but it contained a massive tree, which I went into and explored. From what I can remember, it was filled with very expensive faction loot. Then some people came out of hiding and shot at me. God damn, my dreams are depressing now that I think about it.

  8. Hulk splitting in half during wormhole transit:
    Apparently travelling through a wormhole is much more dangerous than most of us think. Sure, the other end might be bad, but it’s the transit that’s killer! In this dream I was travelling through a wormhole to some other system. However, I was in my hulk. I enter the wormhole and find that it’s this corrider filled with asteroids and broken pieces of other ships. The hulk is not a super maneuverable ship. I’m able to dodge some asteroids, but when I’m about 3/4 the way to the end I slam into one right as I’m going under another one. My ship splits in half and slams down on the bottom of the corridor. It doesn’t explode, but I’m pretty screwed for obvious reasons.

  9. Plex filled ibis:
    I’ll end on a semi-happy and semi-depressing note. This last dream was me finding an ibis filled with 28 plex (pre plex update). For obvious reasons I was really happy. Then I woke up…

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