Eve Dreams

Please share Eve Dreams that may have ideas.

I had a dream I jumped into a wormhole, and the feeling was similar to the first time I jumped into a wormhole (don’t really get the same feeling anymore compared to the first time ever in j-space).

I was flying pretty fast - similar to super cruise in Elite Dangerous where you can fly around the system (in Eve it would be like having free flight around a solar system going 1-2 AU/s) and I came across an abandoned station.

This station looked like a Caldari Station, but it was in ruins and tons of wreckage around it.

I decide to pull my ship into the docking tunnel, and I dock inside, get outside my ship, and walk to a computer with a keyboard. The lighting was a subtle blue. And than I woke up.

When I woke up, I thought about this dream… And how it was similar to installations from Elite Dangerous - but in the Eve Universe. (Youtube “Installations Elite Dangerous”)

Feel free to discuss in the Player Fiction portal. Kindly relocate this topic there.

Oh, I thought you were going to list things you have dreamed about seeing implemented in EVE. How disappointing. I was all ready to tell you exactly why you can’t have those things…

If you are dreaming about PC games then it’s likely you are either playing too much or too near your sleep time. Back in the day I constantly had Doom/Quake dreams when I was heavily into multiplayer FPS, I took the warning and toned down my play hours a bit. Just sayin’ …

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