Drifter loot

Why not make drifters drop blue loot like in WH space? Right now, there’s no profit to be had unlike WH drifters or trigs. If they suddenly became profitable, I’m sure many people would welcome them

Yeah, let’s just create more wealth for folks out in nullsec to farm nonstop with gunned structures.


Idea behing invasion is to take isk from game not create another null bot farming activity. Economy is trashed enough by null folks.


■■■■ no…

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It used to be High Risk, high Reward … now it’s High Risk No reward … or in other words … just B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T

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High Risk in null?? Really? Maybe if you AFK tu much.


I was NOT talking about NS I was talking about loot from High Risk … and the Loot from Drifter is Zero, Null, Nothing … so where is the reward ? Its just B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T … nothing more. So NO MONEY FOR DEBIL DEVS ! Get them fired soon !

You reward is your structure there where you put it in space. Also there is oversupply of everything in game. Starting from ISK, so no one care if some will be removed while watching how null is crying because they cant no longer grind isk afk all day long.

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Can’t wait until they drop a “code” item that contains only line “killing people increases their retention”.

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Your continued existence is your “profit” :stuck_out_tongue:


The structures are save … currently even 30 BS cannot crack a Astra … only ratting and mining doesn’t work. So I cannot play game --> CCP don’t get money. Maybe going to HS and start hunting some of you just for the fun, since even pvp starts getting stopped by drifters. Worst “content” ever … GET THE DEVS FIRED !

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See, the problem isn’t that there’s too much isk in the game. The problem is that there isn’t enough isk in the game. Right now, plex prices are only at 4m, and mineral prices are steadily creeping up. This suggests that there’s too many people mining, and not enough people out there ratting. If we want to bring plex prices back up again and help stop mineral prices from further rising, we need another good isk faucet.

What the hell?? Did you read monthly economic reports from few last months/years? Bounties bring more isk to game than mining in Delve and other regions.

Minerals prices are almost all time trash and they need to go up because current economy is terrible. We need less miners because CCP wont change all BPO’s in game.

And plex prices are still to high compared to last year. Jump in price is to high for most of players.

There are other ways to increase production/consumption without changing BPOs: make every meta/faction/deadspace/officer module that drops from PvE come in a “broken” state and require T1 module of the same type to “fix” it. That will create a ton of opportunity for production for new-ish players as well.

I would like it.

or just simply drop 1-run bpc instead of an item ? maybe lorewise that would be a bad idea.

Yes, the CPI has been going up recently, which implies that there’s an oversupply of goods and not enough isk to compensate for it.

What do you mean too high? I personally think plex prices are way too low, and the rate of growth is too slow. Do you have any evidence that the majority of players believe that plex prices are too high? Only the small subset of players that solely rely on plexing instead of subbing believe plex prices are too high, people who but plex from ccp think plex prices should keep going up.

You mean your customers?

so the people that buy it off you think its too high and many are not bothering…
and your that … foolish… that you think the price need to go up?

so… who are you planning on selling it too?

i mean im curious i really am lol

here ya go, i made a thread on why plex prices are too low

6 mins of gaming a day isn’t too bad, if it bothers you so much you could grind for 3 hours and plex too