DriftingLoot - a website for finding wrecks to loot

DriftingLoot is a new website showing live killmails according to location and loot dropped value.

I just can’t resist that unlooted wreck icon on my overview, and I know some of you can relate… So I created that website to satisfy that need (while pretending it is to improve my web coding skills). You can use it to find shiny kills, or just to see who’s killing what around your neighborhood.

Currently it is limited to 10 jumps range, no wormholes, and no ESI connection… those will be added if I see people actually use the website.

Basically, it just filters Squizz awesome live KM queue, and organize it based on range from specific system. It’s rather straightforward, but like anything involving code, it probably has some bugs… if you come across those, please let me know :slight_smile:


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