Drone experts kindly suggest 100mbit drone allocation for me?

Hi guys,

I focus on drone boat skills particularly Stratios as her versatility and potential is great for both pve and pvp.

Here are three options which one you think is highest possible 100mbit dps for both pve and pvp? No need consider isk issue.

Option 1: Gecko x2

Option 2: Gecko x1, heavy drone x1, medium drone x2, light drone x1

Option 3: heavy drone x3, medium drone x2

Which squad deliver higher damage or you may suggest how you deploy for 100mbit for outputting damage to enemy cruisers to battleships.


Heavy drones are slow and vulnerable. DPS looks tempting, but they are gone soon if you attack a whole bunch of NPCs, also because they are slow on their way back to your ship.
Some recommend sentry drones for ratting.

Thank you! But gecko is still very powerful in level 4 missions.

So I directly use it in my Stratios and it works.

4x Augmented Heavy might be better than 2x Gecko, especially when you only call the one back that comes under attack and let the other 3 fight. Remember, the drones do not make any damage while on their way back, so while calling back a Gecko you lose 50% of your drone dps, while recalling a Berserker you only lose 1/4th. Also Augmented Berserkers are pretty fast for a heavy drone (faster than a Gecko, track a bit better than a Gecko) and a lot cheaper, while doing a bit less total DPS. Against opponents weak to Explo/Kin they might outperform Geckos who deal 25% per damage type.

3 Options?

With 2 DDAs and augmented drones

Gecko Ogre 2 Hammer Hobgob = 605DPS
3 Ogre 2 Hammer = 593DPS
4 Ogre = 593DPS
2 Gecko = 523 DPS
5 ‘Subverted’ JVN-UC49 = 543DPS

3 Ogres 2 hammers is probably the best in terms of application (hammers for small rats ogres for big rats)

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