Guardian-Vexor Drone Optimization

I don’t have one but am wondering what is the best layout for the 10 drones you can have?

You could have

1 gecko, 1 heavy, 2 medium, 6 light (adds up to 125 bandwith)

1 heavy, 9 medium (adds up to 115 bandwith)

2 heavy, 7 medium, 1 light (adds up to 125 bandwith)

3 heavy, 2 medium, 5 light (adds up to 120 bandwith)

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You must be new here. It might be a fun dream exercise. But that’s all it is, a dream

Just fill it with geckos.

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The larger the drone the less dps/bandwidth, less tracking, less speed.

So option 3 would be my first choice. Unless i kept getting smartbombed.

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6 subverted
3 med
1 light

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Thank you.

For the price of one of these… players might be able to afford a second account: 2 VNI’s :slight_smile:

Think first, about how survive in space for more than 5 seconds…

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Subverted are 20 though

:red_circle: you will have no ballz to undock anyway.

You’d have to find one first. Last one I saw popup for sale was back in february, and the guy wanted 590B

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