Drone Groups Broken_

Starting a couple weeks ago (not sure exactly when) I’ve started to see a weird glitch with drones. Inormally fly an Astero s, have my groups for my drones set and one group marked as default for launch, with a hot-key assigned to launch said group. What happens, almost everytime, comes when II lose a drone or drones from that group and add replacements. Lets say I lost one, and then add a replacement to the bay and group. Next time I go to launch using the hot-key only 4 launch. Right-clicking the group or dragging into space launches the whole group, but hot-key does not. Only way to seem to resolve this is logging off.

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Forgot … as well sometimes it does launch 5 drones … just drones from another group

Ye it happens to me as well…ccpls fix this…mark as favourite group does not work in current patch

Works every time for me. Are you using the Photon UI? it probably works just fine for me since I refuse to use that bloated interface and instead still use the legacy UI…

Def not using the Photon UI … is intermitent but still happening

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