Drone sites not respawning in Null

Logged on 2 days ago all was fine then yesterday logged in and only had a Drone horde in system. No increase in military rating in system, so no one else came in and did them. Logged on again today and same only the horde. Did that thinking maybe it would respawn things, nothing… Anyone having the same issues, its only a -0.3 system but it usually has lots more than nothing.

welp theres another day with nothing to do. One scanable combat site thats it

Its now 2 weeks since I posted about this bug, filed a ticket. Sorry we cant help, file a bug report. Okay did that still nothing. Its kinda weird as its only the 2 systems we inhabit that has the bugs in them. Weird hey CCP, maybe one of your programmers thought it would be funny to mess with us.

They closed my bug report saying they cant reproduce the issue, ummmmmm. The issue is on going no need to reproduce it. 0 is still 0 even if you look at it upside down. So zero sites means zero sites. @CCP_Swift

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