Drones Hijacking

Drones Hijacking – Skill at taking over control of a targets active drones. One drone can be hijacked for every level of Drones Hijacking, up to the number of drones the pilots drone skills support. Only drones the pilot is able to deploy can be hijacked.


  • Drone skills equal to those required to deploy the drone being hijacked
  • Hacking V
  • Advanced Target Management V


  • Requires target lock on the ship actively controlling the drones, as well as target lock on each drone to be hijacked.
  • Losing target lock on the target ship releases all hijacked drones
  • Losing target lock on individual drones releases the individual drone

whats the point of this?

If you are looking to steal drones…get an ECM Burst

to tear off your arms, and hit you with them.

You can already hijack them.

A drone that can capture other drones and fighters and then return them to you would be really fun and interesting to have on the field.

Only if there’s a drone that can rip guns/launchers off none drone boats in the same way.

Let’s just go full crazy and let me send pirates to board your ship and take it for myself.


Could be possible also like when its hull reaches 10% you would be able to board ship, assassinate the capsuleer ad take control of the ship.

Nope, ships need to go boom to keep driving the economy. If you want something without the effort of building it, go buy it from someone willing to make that effort.

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Hmm you’re right.
The economy.
Well could be a skill based chance to take over the ship and if you fail both ships explodes, including your own.
Hmmm nevermind… thats a lot off topic haha.

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