Drones->Sleepers->TriGlavs = isogen 5

Ten yerars have pased for hunt isogen 5


I remeber when CCP fly with it in cargo is some events.

First it was Drones

Then Sleepers

Now it will be TRI?

Questions and speculations

Will TRI harvest sun for izotop with mega structure

Isogen 5 will be next UBER weapon?

Why angel radar site 4 has sansha structures?

What is (Oriel seraphim eo potesta)

Is ther any way to interact with monolit (full of stars) J200727 Conflux and Sentinel with other monoliths like black monolith angel radar v4 site is it quantum entangled.

Is monolith showing the way to somewhere? Maby to WH?

is Ther will be some quantum entangled 4-helium introduction in eve sites?
[QE 4-He using nano-adapted biotech]

What is with thet sound when you cliking on anomaly you can hear (wind wistle or like put bottle half with wather and blow) drag few cm away mouse you can hear a jam or some kind of frequency WITH TWO RAIN DROPS

Is isogen 5 is somehow connected with Black Hammer? Or Monolith?

Angel Radar v1 (A natural phenomena that rumour says will hurtle those that come too close to faraway places. Wary travelers stay away from them as some that have ventured too close have never been seen again.) there need to be some kind device to aktivate it ?

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Trigs use isogen 10 in their tech and probably now how to use isogen 5 too.

The Sarum superweapon (based on Terran tech) was powered by isogen 5. So yes isogen 5 superweapons exist.

My current theory is that the Trigs need the iso5 in blue stars to jump their world arcs into K-space.

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