Triglavian Ships

(Loreline Farcloud) #1

Does anyone know how we will get crystalline isogen-10 for building the triglavian ships from the blueprints dropped from abyssal dead space?
So far there has been lots of discussion about mutaplasmid drops but very little about the drop rate of triglavian blueprints and their subsequent production.

(Loreline Farcloud) #2

Have just been doing some more testing on SiSi. Just received 5 Crystalline Isogen-10 as a drop in a tier 3 Gamma site as well as 32 Zero-Point Condensate that has the descriptive text:

“Held within some kind of field-reinforced vacuum bottle, this condensate appears intended for used with zero-point energy systems and no doubt has many uses. The condensate most probably can be used as a fuel or part of a weapon charge. It likely has uses in the construction of advanced materials, perhaps providing the energy for reactions involved in the manufacturing of complex components.”

Also dropped was a decayed medium shield booster mutaplasmid. My first non-‘unstable mutaplasmid’ drop. Hopefully this shows that CCP have adjusted the loot table towards release spec as the update nears.

(DeMichael Crimson) #3

I suspect that all the special Trig material items will be drops in the Abyssmal pockets.

Similar to how all the special Storyline material items are drops in the Cosmos Complexes.

(Nifun) #4

In Tier 5 the average of crystalline isogen-10 is round about 20 pieces.
In my opinion Tier 5 is easy and makes a lot of fun… maaaybe the triglavian spawns sometimes too hard.

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