Why Triglavians Are Targeting Blue Stars

I think I may have a hypothesis on why Triglavians want blue stars vs other kinds of stars. The Triglavians seem to use some pretty advanced materials in the creation of their ships. Stuff we capsuleers have to hunt down and take from them in order to make our own Precursor ships. I think the higher pressure cores of blue stars are what produce these rare elements that they use. The idea sparked off of a physics course i was only half listening to at work the other night. Let me know your thoughts.

They also target yellow stars. Theory is that they are harvesting Isogen 5 required by their technology.

Another theory is that consequential systems like Jita and Niarja have blue suns and CCP is serious about shaking up the map!

We’ll need to wait and see.

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A full on robo chubby interdiction of Jita would be cool.

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It isogen 10 actually, isogen 5 is a DD fuel Amarr empress used once

Even just an invasion would be fun as hell. A few gates camped by trig fleets will kill a stupid number of unaware people

There was few invasion in perimeter. Didn’t change much.

It’d be Burn Jita, just spelled with different letters and fewer disco-Abaddons around.

Back to Halo with ye.

You are probably speaking about chapter 2 invasions, current ones are another deal entirely

Except blue stars tend to be main sequence stars (left side of the Hertzprung Russel diagram) which are mostly converting hydrogen to helium in their cores. Only when they go red giant do heavier (rarer) elements get formed, but by that time they’ll have expanded so much it’s unlikely they have any surviving planets (let alone habitable ones.) Soon after (“soon” in astronomical timescales) they’ll go supernova, which is when most of the heaviest elements get formed.

Trigs use transmuter, not harvester. There is no saying what happens inside the star under its influence

They’re called precursor ships in the skill menu.

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