"Dropmods" to encurage active gameplay and looting

Base idea:

New mod that drops as a “Pack.” this “Pack” can have any shipfitting type…
it could be an 50mn MWD pack or a 200mm autocannon pack.

the pack contains 1 item of this type, how ever u cant open the pack only fit it to your ship.
Once fittet, it cant be removed only destroyed. Once you put the pack in a suitable slot, it becomes
said item of its type.

the packs have quality from a-f (or what ever.) and have a modifier attached.

Lets do an example to make this understandable:

Kill serpintis overlord, u get an Grade A - MN10 Serpentis ‘tinker-mod’ afterburner.
u dock up, take the pack and fit it to your ship.
As soon as its put in slot its LOCKED IN, if removed its destroyed.
It at random adds a 10-30% modifier on any aspect of that mod, be that power usage, fitting req, or speed bonus.


  • Gambling incentive to loot rats, as these ‘tinker’ mods will drop randomly everywere (ofc. best ones in most dangerous space.)
  • Can be placed on marked, in pack form, onces fittet LOCKED IN bound to ship.
  • Reduce NPC bounties in all spaces from high to low, add “packs” as part of the income from doing
    missions, ratting and so on.

theres a lot of room to play with how much improvement the “pack” does to said item, or how rare they
should be.

Wrong game. In EVE we manufacture items.

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ccp is trying to move away from rats dropping mods all together

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